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13-10-09, 12:55
If anyone could do this for me it would be very much appreciated, as it would be an important lynch pin for me.

The parties concerned are William Henry Tyson who may have married a lady named Kate (surname unknown, which I am hoping to discover one way or another!)......the reference which I would like looking up is March quarter for 1858. Bootle 10b (53) 28a

Thankyou so much.:smilee:

13-10-09, 14:51
Hi Jen,

I found the entry for you. Unfortunately, William is on a page on his own.

Sorry, Sandra

13-10-09, 15:05
Thankyou so much Sandra, that's so weird isn't it? I suppose I will never know now, unless that was the wrong one and he turns up elsewhere.
Thanks again Sandra.

Elaine ..Spain
13-10-09, 17:46
The reference you have given I presume is from freeBMD.

If you look at the actual image the reference should be Bootle 10b 628a - and the matching entry for the bride appears to be Frances Simpson.

13-10-09, 17:58
Yes thanks Elaine, I was actually sent the reference by one of my cousins, as there are 3 of us researching the same ancestors on this one line. However, another cousin found this particular William with Frances, confirming it wasn't our William after all.
Many thanks Elaine and Sandra.

27-10-09, 06:11
Hi Jen, Please let us know when you have got what you want so I can close this thread. Many thanks.