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Alex in Oz
06-10-09, 11:05
Hi all,
I am trying to find any info onm Robert Mackintosh born c1811 in Kingston upon Hull. He married Eliza Farrow in 1832 in Hull. I have tried the IGI with no luck and was hoping someone could have a look for me next time they are at the record office.
Thanks in advance

Janet in Yorkshire
06-10-09, 13:33
Hi Alex,
It seems the Hull local studies dept is closed until Jan 2010 - possibly moving to a new building??
I think Hull PR will be at the Treasure House in Beverley. Perhaps you could ask for a look up there.


09-10-09, 23:03
You can access the Hull PR at the Borthwick Institute at York, I did it last week for a friend. Certainly the records for Holy Trinity are availble from the 1600's through to approx 1870 and I did see there were other parishes, but cannot remember the names.

Alex in Oz
10-10-09, 00:23
Thanks Janet and Champagnegal,
Unfortunately (or fortunately) I live in Australia so I am unable to pop in and have a look. What I was hoping for was that someone on the forum may be able to have a look for me next time they were in the records office. The good wife has flatly refused a trip to the UK because all I would do is spend my time going through musty old records ( I can't see the problem ;) ).
Alex:Big Grin:

27-10-09, 06:12

Astro Lady
04-11-09, 18:57
Hello Alex,
Janet is correct in saying that the Local Studies library is closed now until 11th Jan 2010 ,limited access to start with unfortunately.
Take a look here
Hull History Centre - Home (http://www.hullhistorycentre.org.uk/)

I've written all your details down and i will have a trip there as soon as it opens and PM you when i've got the info. You have a long wait but let's hope it'll be worth it eh ? :smilee:

07-02-10, 22:52
They are in Hull in 1841 as Robert MacHart cabinet maker
and at 9 Gloucester Creascent, Islington, Middlesex in 1851 cabinet maker
1861- 4 Sutton Street, Grays Inn Lane , St Pancras, Middlesex Piano forte maker
by 1871 Eliza has been widowed (Eliza MacKingtosh (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/cgi-bin/sse.dll?db=uki1871&indiv=try&h=4589037)) charwoman
This could be his death1862Oct-Nov-DecBethnal GreenGreater London, London, Middlesex

Alex in Oz
08-02-10, 00:49
Thanks for the info Grandma Silver.....it is much appreciated if only I could make progress on Roberts parents