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06-10-09, 10:58
Is anyone going there ? I would be most grateful if you could look up a birth for me.I have requested 3 certificates so far as I have the Father`s name on the marriage cert,but all wrong-so frustrating !

Elaine ..Spain
16-10-09, 13:45
If you look at the Research Offer pages in the wiki you will see that one of our members is offering lookups at Liverpool Records Office. Click on his name to send him a personal message (PM).

Research Offers: Record Office/Archive (http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Research_Offers:_Record_Office/Archive)

17-10-09, 09:29
Thanks Elaine,I will pm them

24-10-09, 06:13
Please let us know if you are successful in getting what you want Lyn so I can close this thread. Many thanks.

25-10-09, 08:56
Still waiting to hear,thanks