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03-10-09, 18:39
Looking for a Baptism/Christening record of:
Joseph Pearcy born c.1842 Mitcham Surrey and any siblings prior to 1839. I know of John Pearcy born c.1834 . Jane Pearcy born c.1837.

Also for his father, Joseph Pearcy born C.1806, Mitcham Surrey.

It seems that the birth of Joseph Pearcy Jnr, born c.1842, wasn’t registered..so I do not have his DOB, which is very frustrating!

Joseph Pearcy Jnr was born c.1842 Mitcham, Surrey, according to 1851 census record. Father: Joseph Pearcy Snr, born c.1806 Mitcham Surrey. Mother: Catherine Pearcy, born c.1802 Margate, Kent..
His older sibling, Charles, was born in Sept 1839 and his birth certificate shows Catherine’s name was Danton.

Joseph & Catherine Pearcy are on the 1841 census records living in Mitcham, Surrey from 1841 onwards, until their deaths, 1890 and 1888.

Any help most appreciated! :)

04-10-09, 05:22
searching for pearcy born in croydon, only comes up with charles in 1839 and harriett in 1843, before 1854.
searching for percy in croydon doesnt bring up anything before 1877.
there is a george and charles pearcey in 1839, then nothing till 1852.

is it possible catherine danton was of french ancestry?

04-10-09, 05:27
there is this submitted entry:

catherine dixon danton- ch.18 apr 1802, st john margate, kent. parents- thomas and jane danton

and this submitted as well: thomas danton and jane fox married 26 june 1794, st john margate, kent.

04-10-09, 05:32
if this is your family, then there is also:

sarah- ch.2 apr 1795, st john margate, and jane- ch.10 mar 1797, st john margate. these two dont have any submitter or extracted information.

Carolyn P
04-10-09, 11:11
There is a Joseph PACEY registered in Sept qtr of 1841 at Croydon, ref. 4 96, I think this will probably be the one you're looking for.

Carolyn P
04-10-09, 11:15
Oops just noticed there is a Joseph Pacey died in June 1848 Croydon district (no age) so looks like he was the one above, sorry.

04-10-09, 16:07
Thanks for your replies!

I must admit the submitted and extracted records do seem to tie up with the Danton side of OH's family.

There are several other records on the 1851 census for Pearcy's..that could well be related but cannot pin them down on the 1841 census to find any other links...Pearcy seems to be spelt seveal differnet ways too, which does help either. (Even my late Mum always spelt it wrong..bless her)

Mary C Pearcy born c.1802 Mitcham Surrey, a visitor to the Mancell family in Chetwynd Aston, Shropshire. HO107 Piece: 1998. Folio203. Page.17 Can't make out if she is married our not.

Charles Pearcy c.1822 Mitcham Surrey living in Bull Yard Mitcham Surrey. Again cannot find a connection.
Although.....OH's GT Gt Grandfather, Joseph Pearcy born c.1806 and family are also in Bull Yard on the 1851 census. Perhaps Charles is a nephew of OH's Gt Gt Grandfather.

Emma Pearcy born c. 1827 Mitcham Surrey, single, a laundress living in Mitcham on 1851 census too.

Looked at a few trees on Ancestry (where I have OH's family tree) and other Pearcy's don't have any earlier info that tie up..and most trees have not verified with BDM's certificates either. So I just seem to be going around in cirlces now clutching at straws, trying to find a valid link.

27-10-09, 06:14
Hi teresa, Please let us know when you have got what you want so I can close this thread. Many thanks.