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02-10-09, 09:43

Please can anyone shed some light on yet another enigmatic relative.

Valentine William Muller (circa 1867) son of Charles Muller (deceased by 1890 and reported by marriage cert info as an interpreter and merchant)

Valentine appears to have married and Alice Ashment in 1890, An Alice Muller died in Greenwich district in 1894

Valentine then married Rhoda Alice Theabold, St Martins in the field 1895, he lists his occupation as a detective.
They had 2 children, Valentine (1896) and Rhoda (1897) both regitered in Greenwich.
I have found those children living with extended family in the 1901 cenus, whilst their mother emigrated to Canada, her children joining her later. (I have managed to find a lot of info for Rhoda and Rhoda jr and a little for Valentinee jr via a contact on GR.

However Valentine remains elusive. Can anyone help with finding any census details pre or post marriages or any other posible info.

With many thanks

Night Owl
02-10-09, 09:58
I suspect this is them in 1891 although the ages are way out.

- Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec/?htx=view&r=5538&dbid=6598&iid=LNDRG12_498_500-0108&fn=Valentine&ln=Muller&st=r&ssrc=&pid=11681911)

(Have you got Ancestry?)

Valentine is shown as 40, interpreter and Alice as a Bible woman which is what she was on the marriage record

02-10-09, 10:31
Thank you, I knew I had found them before but couldn't find them again... but with the info re birth I may be able to progress again.
Yes I have ancestry... is it posible to lose 15 years? I will check record to see how old Alice is.

Night Owl
02-10-09, 10:34
I'm pretty sure it must be them but they are also both down as single

02-10-09, 10:36
Thank you for the link, so she is 10 years older than on marriage cert info too.
It seems odd that according to census they are living as single people, when in fact they are married.

02-10-09, 10:39
Just one more query Nightowl. What is your opinion re Valentine and Rhoda, do you think the Valentine is one and the same, on marriage cert. to Rhoda, he gives his age as 27!
Do you think this is one and he same Valentine or pure coincidence?
I would appreciate your thoughts

Night Owl
02-10-09, 10:46
Have you got the Rhoda m. cert and have you seen this marriage parish record for Alice?

- Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec/?htx=View&r=5538&dbid=1623&iid=31280_198610-00436&fn=Valentine&ln=Muller&st=r&ssrc=&pid=3851847)

You could compare signatures but a lot of the other details match

Night Owl
02-10-09, 10:52
I think this is Alice in 1871. Her father is James, Blacksmith which matches the m cert and her age is about right for the cert.

- Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec/?htx=view&r=5538&dbid=7619&iid=SOMRG10_2423_2426-0531&fn=Alice+T&ln=Ashman&st=r&ssrc=&pid=14868070)

Her place of birth is Shaftesbury which ties in with the 1891 record where she is shown with Valentine

02-10-09, 10:55
Thank you for the tip Jackie. It alway help just to run by the possibilities with omeone else.
I did a lot of research re Valentine before a couple of years ago, then deleted it because of the variance in age, but with ancestry now having full details re Valentine and Alice have returned again. I think if I remember correctly there is the possibility of another marriage prior to Alice. I will have to revisit now I have the new date for a birth.

Thank you again for your help and opinion.

Thank you re Alice too, we are back to the age she has on her marriage cert, so query error on census return.