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02-10-09, 00:37
Further to my earlier post about my findings on the 1911 census today, I have found that my 2 x Gt Grandparents were married for 53 years and had 21, yes 21 children. Just 7 were still living, so, by 1911 they had outlived 14 of their children.

I'm going to have a bit of a job trying to find the ones that were born and died between censuses.

02-10-09, 02:25
WOW! At what age did your 2 x Gt Grandmother turn into a baby manufacturing machine? I've never come across 21 children before, it's 9 children more than in my largest family and I thought mine was plenty enough. :Big Grin:

Maybe she took some extras on from somewhere else.

Jill on the A272
02-10-09, 07:09
I wonder if there might have been one or more sets of twins? She must have been a strong and healthy woman to have produced so many and lived so long, but what sadness she must have experienced.

02-10-09, 09:19
My greatgrandparents had 22 children.This included triplets.I have been able to find most of them.

Anne in Carlisle
02-10-09, 10:00
My gg grandparents had 16 children. All the first ones lived to adulthood but later the little ones all died young. It was as if mum was running out of energy/nutrients or something. However the mum herself lived to be 78 so she must have been pretty healthy!


Mary from Italy
02-10-09, 10:09
Good heavens, and I thought my great-grandma did well with 13 (10 of whom survived infancy).

02-10-09, 15:20
I'm encoraged to get her death certificate now. I am expecting to see cause of death as "Worn Out".

02-10-09, 18:55
Doesn't surprise me my maternal great grandmother had 16 children and only 6 survided to adult hood. My maternal grandmother had 11 and 10 that survived to adulthood her second daughter died at 18 months of diptheria.

But when I was a child I queried the amount of children she had saying it was such a lot and she said 'oh there was a few more than that but they died when they were born and they weren't recorded but I remember them'! :( and she outlived 3 of her adult children!

Edit to say: The reason for saying this is that I have never found my maternal great grandmother's dead children in any birth index or baptisms and they were recorded on the 1911 census. I have a feeling that they/she said they had 16 children because she did but 10 of them died when born and weren't recorded or baptised.

05-10-09, 20:02
My Grandparents had 13 children, all survived...x

Bo the Bodger
06-10-09, 12:58
My 3xgt grandparents were married for 59 years and had 17 children - 14 living to adulthood, only 2 dying in infancy and one aged 6.

On a different side of the family 2xgt grandparents had 18 children but only 11 alive at anyone time. I'm afraid that this family appears to be very disfunctional and unhappy - one son arrived in NY only 5 weeks after his mother died. He was aged 18. He was totally ignored in his father's will (as was another daughter) to the extent that his father says " to my only son I leave XXX and to my 5 daughters..." he had 6 daughters and 2 sons living at the time of his death. Another son was drowned at sea aged 17 having joined the ship in Melbourne Australia, gone to Chile and then to Holland - the ship floundered in the North sea approaching the Dutch coast. What age must've he've been going out to Oz on his own? Unfortunately I can't find his outward passage.