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01-10-09, 21:36
Hi All
I am having great problems with John Briggs c1848. The information I have is:-
Marriage (Certificate) to Eliza Mary Brown 05 Jul 1868 in Burham, Kent. On that certificate John's father is given as John Briggs.

This is where I start having problems I have found census' for John Briggs and Eliza for 1871 1881 1891 and 1901 all show John born 1848 in Chatham. I have found a census from 1851 showing a John Briggs Chatham born c1848 living with James & Ann Briggs, he is shown as a Grandson, but is this my John Briggs? I have searched through CityArk and found baptisms for the children of James and Ann Briggs, there is no John. If I believe the fathers name from the marriage certificate then this is not my John Briggs, but I have got another ancestor that made up the fathers name on his marriage certificate as he was shown on baptism records as base born.
1861 census shows a John Briggs c1848 in Medway Union Workhouse with a brother George? I did order a birth certificate for George Briggs that seemed to tie up and that has come back with 06 Nov 1853 Medway and the mother is shown as Ann Briggs, no father's name. Which does tie up with one of the children of James & Ann Briggs. BUT I still cannot find any record of the birth of John c1848
I think I have looked at this so long now I am going round in ever decreasing circles, I would really appreciate a set of fresh eyes:)
Many thanks

Christine in Herts
01-10-09, 21:46
It seems to have been not unusual for "father unknown" men to name their father after themselves when they come to get married. It avoided an embarrassing blank space.


02-10-09, 07:00
what are your john's occupations?

04-10-09, 12:45
Sorry, for the delay in replying, from the census records for 1871 & 1881 he shown as a baker. 1891 looks like General Dealer Shop.:conf:

Little Nell
04-10-09, 16:48
How many likely birth certs are there for John Briggs born 1848 in/near Chatham?