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29-09-09, 19:55

From what I can see it says.....The Cath & Parish Church in the Parish of Manchester???

It beats me....never heard of it.....anyone know what/where it is? Does/should it have another name?:conf:

Oh hang on.....should that be Cathedral doh! still need confirmation though.

29-09-09, 20:04
Hi Jen..

I'm pretty sure it says....

'The cath'l parish church' in the parish of manchester

29-09-09, 20:05
Thankyou Julie.....had me stumped there for a mo' first time I've ever seen it written like that.

Elaine ..Spain
29-09-09, 20:06
There seem to be references on other message boards that it refers to Manchester Cathedral.

29-09-09, 20:26
well *scratches head*

I would also say that it is Manchester Cathedral.. but I too think it is worded oddly.. lol but that might have been how they did it back then.

29-09-09, 20:28
sorry just seen Elaines post..

*feels sheepish*

Christine in Herts
29-09-09, 20:29
Some Cathedrals are also parish churches - especially the newer ones.

That would be true, I believe, of Birmingham, St Alban's, Blackburn... (If it's needed, I could probably look it up in my Crockford's.)


Elaine ..Spain
29-09-09, 20:31
Have you looked to see if the marriage is on LancsBMD - a lot of their transcriptions have the name of the chuch listed.

29-09-09, 20:42
No I haven't Elaine, but I will check that out. Thankyou all.