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28-09-09, 19:39

If anyone is free could they tell me what is shown on the attached sections of two marriage certificates.

Thanks for your help.

Elaine ..Spain
28-09-09, 19:44
4 Beane/Berne Street, St. Philips
1 Beane/Berne Street, St, Philips

Henry Dorrington
Thomas Mogg

General Labourer

Not too sure about the street name - when was the marriage?

Elaine ..Spain
28-09-09, 19:48
Grosvenor Place ??
Ashley ?? Buildings

Peter Cocking
James Hare

Mason ??

Elaine ..Spain
28-09-09, 19:50
Just checked and there was a Bean Street in Barton Regis.

28-09-09, 19:55
Elaine, as always thank you very much for doing that for me - I will see if I can work out the occupation of the father from the census returns.