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Velma Dinkley
28-09-09, 10:35
Unfortunately, I don't have an Ancestry subscription anymore and was wondering if a kind person could help me look for a Rose Charlton please.

Rose is my hubby's great grandmother (his mother's mother's mother). She was a bit of a naughty girl and had lots of babies out of wedlock (ooooh the shame!!). One of these was hubby's grandmother, Bessie Charlton, who was born at the Union Workhouse in Maidenhead, Berkshire, in 1903. Rose is described as a domestic servant from nearby Waltham St Lawrence. The father's name box is blank.

Can someone find Rose on the 1901 census please?

I'm not sure if Charlton is Rose's maiden name, as Bessie was brought up by her (maternal?) grandmother, and when she married hubby's grandfather in 1928 her surname was recorded as Tegg, which is also the mother's maiden name for her children's birth registrations.

I've only just found out her original surname from hubby's maternal aunt, after a chance meeting in Sainsburys!

Thanks for your help!

Rachel :)

Elaine ..Spain
28-09-09, 10:45
There is a Rose Charlton born c 1882 Potterne Wiltshire, living in the St Giles parish, Berkshire.
Occupation servant - living with Thomas & Sarah Giles.
Let me know if you need a full transcription.

Have you found her in 1911 so as to confirm her place of birth?

Velma Dinkley
28-09-09, 10:50
Thanks Elaine. I haven't looked at the 1911 census yet, as I thought that if I could place her in Waltham St lawrence 2 years before Bessie's birth, then I'll be sure to have found the correct person and have the right birth details.

St Giles is, I think, Waltham St Lawrence, so it does sound to be the correct person. But Wiltshire? That's an interesting twist.

If you can email me the image that will be great, thank you Elaine :)

Elaine ..Spain
28-09-09, 10:53
Will send it to you, Rachel.

Velma Dinkley
28-09-09, 11:13
Thanks Elaine :) :)

Now I am confused... !! :D

The address is Whittey Park Farm, and the adjacent properties described as being in Whittey Park Lane. I've looked this up and it's near the centre of (present day) Reading. Waltham St Lawrence is several miles to the east. However, of course she could have moved there after the census was taken.

Also, it's funny that the whole household (apart from 2 servants) were born in Potterne, Wiltshire. It's possible that the farmer moved from Wiltshire bringing his whole household with him, although it seems unlikely. So I'm wondering if that's an error.

Is there any other possibles Elaine please?

28-09-09, 11:38
There is another Rose Charlton born 1882 Twyford, Berks which is closer to Waltham St Lawrence, a servant at Twickenham, MDX, in the household of Frederick Edward Walter.

There's another one born in 1886 (too young ?) birthpace given as Hurley Berks, living in Waltham St Lawrence in 1901 - in the same household Eliza Charlton Widow - does this ring any bells ? Hurley is near Maidenhead.

Velma Dinkley
28-09-09, 11:46
Both could be possibles, thanks Diane :)

Hurley is just down the road from Maidenhead - so highly possible. If she was born in 1886 she would have been 17 when Bessie was born in 1903.

Is it possible if you can email those images to me please. I think you should still have my email address. If not, I'll pm it to you... :)

28-09-09, 11:59
i think I deleted all your emails so you will need to send me your address again - my husband says I keep way to much in my inbox, but I did manage to delete ALL of yours. So pm your add and I will send both images, also Rose and Eliza in 1891 if you like.


Velma Dinkley
28-09-09, 12:05
Thanks Diane, pm sent :)

Yes please to 1891 too... :)

Velma Dinkley
28-09-09, 13:15
Thank you for the images Diane... :)

28-09-09, 23:11
Hope it turns out to be the right Rose Charlton


Velma Dinkley
29-09-09, 16:05
Thanks Di :)