View Full Version : looking for a Scottish marriage in 1908

28-09-09, 07:00
of a Harold Septimus Pratt and Elizabeth

as cant find them on english marriage index

he was born in Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, England and they had one child by 1911 census in yorkshire

she was born in mid lothiam Gilmerton,1878 according to the 1911 census
so i was wondering if any one who tell me where to look


28-09-09, 08:32
There is a marriage between as Harold Pratt and an Elizabeth in 1908 in Midlothian.
You will get this record by going to the Scotlands People website

You will be able to see the record if you purchase some credits, they cost £6 for 30 credits.
It costs one credit to view the index and 5 credits to see the actual certificate, which you can download and print off.
Good luck and I hope it is your couple.

28-09-09, 08:40
I've got some credits that are going spare if I can help at all.

28-09-09, 08:52

Its okay I think I've solved tinkerbe's problem.

28-09-09, 10:06
thank herky for look up and how to do
thank margaret for the offer but maggie beat you to it
and thanks maggie pm you my email

i did not have many scottish rellys so have not used scotland people web site

sorry had to go out and walk dog which is why i did not get back to you

thanks again