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Chrissie Smiff
27-09-09, 17:03
5/6/1827 Susannah Howard married Samuel Frostick in Stibbard Norfolk. Here they are in 1841 with their children John Frostick 10 - Robert 4 and Sarah 1 - all born Stibbard (Walsingham)

Class: HO107; Piece 771; Book: 27; Civil Parish: Stibbard; County: Norfolk; Enumeration District: 10; Folio: 11; Page: 17; Line: 22; GSU roll: 438859.

In July-Sept 1849 Susannah Frostick married Henry Waterson. Here they are in 1851 with the children - which he calls son/daughter in law, but as we all know that probably mean STEP son/daughter. They are now 19, 13 and 11 with another one Susanna 8 BUT they are all called Guymer :conf:

Class: HO107; Piece: 1826; Folio: 218; Page: 21; GSU roll: 207480-207481.

I can see no death for a Samuel Frostick before 1859 and no marriage for Susan/Susannah to a Guymer in between. I know that John born 1831 in Stibbard went through life as John Guymer - WHY?

All suggestions welcomed :roll-eyes:

27-09-09, 17:20
Hi Chrissie,

Could it be that the children were Samuels, but not Susannah's and this was the maiden name of the children's mother?


Chrissie Smiff
27-09-09, 17:29
I'll check Sandra but as there birth years, names and places are all the same from 1841 when they were Frostick, and there are no suitable births in the name of Guymer I doubt it. Thanks for the thought though :smilee:

27-09-09, 17:49
Hi Chrissie, another thought.

Did Susannah have any sisters? is it possible that they were her sisters children and that her sister and brother in law died and Susannah and Samuel 'adopted' the children?


Chrissie Smiff
27-09-09, 17:55
Thanks Sandra :smilee: I'll see if I can find out :smilee:

Just realised - you can't check marriages with both names without a first name on family search. And it would be before 1837.

Off to dish the dinner up now, so not ignoring anyone.

27-09-09, 18:42
Hi Chrissie,

The plot thickens. According to Freereg, Samuel Frostick married Susannah Steward on the 5 of June 1827, not Susannah Howard as stated on igi. I think I would be tempted to go with freereg as igi looks like it is a submitted record.

27-09-09, 18:51
Hi Chrissie,

I have also found a birth (2 Feb 1807)and Christening (8 Feb 1807)for Samuel Frostick on Freereg. Mothers name Margaret Frostick. No father given so it looks as if Samule was born out of wedlock. I wonder if Samuels father surname was Guymer?

Chrissie Smiff
27-09-09, 19:18
Oh thank you Sandra - the plot thickens :eek:
But why would they give the children the name Frostick and then Susannah change it after she marries Henry Waterson?

Little Nell
27-09-09, 20:30
How do you know they were given the name Frostick? Just because they are listed as Frostick in 1841, that might be the enumerator's error.

27-09-09, 20:38
Susanna Frostick Pedigree

Christening: 28 MAR 1842 Stibbard, Norfolk, England

Father: Samuel Frostick
Mother: Susan Frostick

Olde Crone Holden
27-09-09, 20:38

I think you are guilty of the sin of expecting 100% accuracy on census returns, lol!!!

I have an identical situation in my tree - three illegitimate children born and appearing on the census with their mother's maiden name.

Mother marries and the children then have their "real" father's name. In my case, the natural father died and the mother (or her new husband) was determined that the world would know who the father of her children was.

On the census where they are in her maiden name, it may be that the local enumerator was prejudiced, knew she wasn't married to the father and was a moral jobsworth.

I have another family all mysteriously listed under the wife's maiden name, despite the fact that they had been respectably married for years. I puzzled over this and eventually realised that the family lived at what was her childhood home, a house which had been in her family for 150 years. I reckon the enumerator knew this and had a mad moment when he was transcribing and came to the "Green's House", couldn't remember her married name, but knew she was a Green before marriage.

What we see on the images is only a copy of what was originally said or written and there is plenty of scope for mistakes and inaccuracies and prejudice.

I don't think yours deliberately "changed their name", I think they were well-known to be Mr Guymer's children and the enumerator recorded what he "knew".


27-09-09, 22:29
I also have a relative who on the census has one name but was registered with a different surname.

Chrissie Smiff
28-09-09, 10:53
Thank you everyone for your replies :smilee: I am sorry to seem dense but can I ask a couple of questions please?

I thought that they were named Frostick for 2 reasons. Firstly because I found what I thought was probably Sarah (the first one to be born after 1837) - Sarah Frostick Jan/March 1840 Walsingham (which covers Stibbard). Secondly, because the children were all born after 1827, the date that Samuel Frostick married what I assume to be their mother.

Thanks Jess for that Susanna Christening :smilee: But it's another curiosity too as Susanna is also called Guymer on the 1851 census.

I think I must be misunderstanding something :emb: Could there be 2 women here? In 1841 the mother is called Susan and in 1851 Susanna but I just took that to be a different interpretation.