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Oakum Picker
26-09-09, 17:08
Would sks check the outgoing passenger lists for me please.

William John LEGGETT born 1832.

In 1841 he is here with 2 aunts, his grandmother & a couple of cousins.
Class:HO107; Piece 701; Book: 6; Folio: 36; Page: 18;

In her will of 1848 his aunt Elizabeth MILES makes William her heir to inherit when he is 21.

1851 finds him living with Samuel PARKES & family. Samuel was left running the works until William attained 21.
Class: HO107; Piece: 1554; Folio: 282; Page: 35

With some difficulty I have found the works in '61, '71 & '81 & can see no family connection. I am wondering if when William inherited, he sold up & moved abroad.

The only other possiblity is a death registered in Strand Dist in 1856. If there is no other sign of him I'll send for that. If that is him I'm a little puzzled that there is no will.

Thanks for any help.

26-09-09, 18:43
where was he born Glen??

I'll have a look, though i'm not sure whether I have the ability to see the records.

Oakum Picker
26-09-09, 21:05
Thanks Julie. He was born Bermondsey. 31 Great Maze Pond to be precise. Amazingly the road is still there running through Guy's Hospital.

26-09-09, 21:18
Sorry Glen

I only can see incoming passenger lists.

26-09-09, 21:21
Glen there's a William Leggett born ca 1831 travelled 16/2/1856 but he appears to be an American returning.

There's this one travelling with 2 other Leggett's but younger than the age you have for him.

NY passenger list 1820 - 1957
Departure Liverpool 16/5/1854 on North American
William Leggett 21 mechanic
Ann Legett 20
Benj Leggett 28 mechanic
All from England to inhabit USA

Oakum Picker
26-09-09, 21:26
Same as me Julie. Thanks anyway.

Thanks Jay for looking. Neither of those fit. I'll have to go for the death cert.

26-09-09, 21:29
There's a couple of John's but they travelled before 1851.

There's a John born ca 1833 with Fanny born ca 1831 travelling 15/9/1856, but again they appear to be American returning.

26-09-09, 21:32
There's nothing under Leggott, or any jumping out on the US census either.

Oakum Picker
26-09-09, 21:44
Thanks for all those Jay. It was a bit of a long shot; it's just that no-one else seems to have benefitted from his good fortune. Perhaps the solicitors or executors diddled him out of his inheritance or perhaps he received it & gambled it all away.LOL

28-09-09, 12:05
i would contact westminster archives and ask them if they can locate a burial. ive done it before i ordered certs, and they are very nice.

Oakum Picker
28-09-09, 15:29
Thanks for that Kyle. Wouldn't that be a bit of a job for them though as I only have the registration district.

30-09-09, 05:28
the church will most likely be st ann's soho. my family are in the strand registration district, and theyre events were at this church.