View Full Version : That was a bit of a shock find!

Breckland Jane
26-09-09, 12:47
Just found out that a cousin of my grandfather at the age of 21 married a widower aged 66. OMG.

They had a son the year after - now to try and find out what happened to him.


26-09-09, 13:29

Janet in Yorkshire
26-09-09, 15:06
I have a similar scenario, in the early 1700's. At first I felt sorry for this poor girl being married off to an elderly man.:eek:
But it turned out the husband died within a year of the child being born. His "merry" widow had another child a year after his death and never remarried.
I now wonder if it was the old man who was to be pitied and if his young bride in fact wore him out?:conf:


26-09-09, 16:10
No forensics in those days - I often wonder how many were actually "helped" on their way! :eek: