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25-09-09, 16:45
Just ordered a marriage certificate direct from a London Council as I thought it would arrive quicker than going through GRO.

It arrived today and I'm gutted. I needed to see a relative's signature (long story), but all the writing on the entire certificate has been completed in the same handwriting, including witness signatures.

I know it is a longshot, but as the person is now deceased any ideas what other publicly available documents are likely to have his signature on them?

25-09-09, 16:49
well, it depends.

if they married in a church then you can see the parish registers that will have their own signatures on it. 'Some' records are now available online from the LMA on Ancestry.

what kind of dates are we looking at please?

25-09-09, 16:51
You might go back to the Council and say what you wanted and see if they can issue a photocopy of the entry in the register.
Can't think what else might have a signature on.
Would this person have been a householder in 1911 - the census images have the completers writing and signature on.

25-09-09, 16:54
if they served in WWI they should've signed their assetation papers, some of these are on ancestry too.

25-09-09, 17:06
Thanks for your ideas. The person concerned was born in 1918 and died about 20 years ago.

Mike Fisher
26-09-09, 09:21
if they were married in a church see if the LDS have filmed the parish register