View Full Version : Can anyone help find Esther House in 1841, please?

Sue from Southend
25-09-09, 11:46
She was married to William and they had three children, Alfred (1832), Thomas (1835) and William(1839). This is them in 1851, but by then she was widowed and two of the children have either died or left home. She is living next door to her daughter by her first marriage, Caroline Wheeler and her family (on the next page). They are also next door in 1861.
- Ancestry.co.uk (http://search.ancestry.co.uk/iexec/?htx=view&r=5538&dbid=8860&iid=MDXHO107_1541_1542-0585&fn=Esther&ln=House&st=d&ssrc=&pid=333218)

Looking at FreeBMD Esther appears to have died in 1886 but I don't have the certificate. I'm hoping that in 1841 Caroline might still be living with her, her maiden name and Esther's first married name was Matthews.

BTW William House senior was a Mariner so he may not be with the family.

Thank you:smilee:

Lin Fisher
25-09-09, 12:33

Just to let you know that I have tried to find her with no success.

Will have another go later if no one cracks it. Found her and Thomas in 1861 but think you already have that.

Also found a Caroline Matthews in 1841 with Thomas and Ann Matthews. Not sure if it is any good and they are the Grandparents but don't feel very confident with it somehow.

Sue from Southend
25-09-09, 12:53
Thanks for looking Lin, I don't actually know the names of Caroline's paternal grandparents but as her father was 60 when he died (Esther married him she was a "minor" and he was 49!) I doubt if the Caroline you've found is my one!

I've been looking for Caroline for in 1841 for ages but only recently found Esther's second marriage. I was rather hoping Caroline been listed as House....:roll-eyes:

25-09-09, 18:34
Hi Sue
The baptism of William House1839 gives the address as Perry's Gardens Shoreditch.
The baptism of William Samuel Slade 1847 (Caroline's son from 1st marriage) also gives the same address.

Managed to find Perry's gardens in 1841 but they don't seem to be listed. If anyone else would like to try it's St Leonards district 7. Only 12 pages to go through. If you put in the name Deidorph Giles this will take you to page 1.

Sue from Southend
25-09-09, 19:47
OOh Thankyou Moggie! I didn't think to check William Slade:emb:
Off to have a look now...:smilee:

26-09-09, 03:29
I wondered if this was her Sue

- Ancestry.com.au (http://search.ancestry.com.au/iexec/?htx=view&r=5544&dbid=8978&iid=MDXHO107_708_709-0609&fn=Gether&ln=Honse&st=d&ssrc=&pid=15357025)

but not sure about the age and no obvious children with her. She's also in St Leonard's Shoreditch - but District 29

My husband's grandmother was a HOUSE from Barking/Dagenham and I found her family had been transcribed a couple of times as HONCE or HONSE - which is what made me think of checking that - but I'm not necessarily convinced it's her I'm afraid


Sue from Southend
26-09-09, 10:32
Well I've checked all the pages suggested by Moggie and altough there are Slades living there there's no Esther or Caroline or their children...:F

Sue - I looked at your find and who'd have believed that Gether Honse was Esther House!! However I too have doubts about it being my Esther. Her two eldest boys were not baptised until 1844 so they should still be with her in 1841. The age is out too although that doesn't always mean much in 1841!

Caroline's 1st husband William Slade was a Mariner like William House - so I'm wondering if they were "shipmates"? How likely was it that William House would take his wife 2/3 children and a 15yr old step daughter on board ship with him? (clutching at straws - me? Never:Big Grin:)

Thanks again to both of you for trying!:smilee: