View Full Version : Ancestry Down?

24-09-09, 08:47
Suddenly lost it and can't re-connect :(

Maybe some new records going on :)

24-09-09, 08:50
Same here as of 10 minutes ago!

24-09-09, 08:51
Good - it's not just me then! Oh well - time for a cup of tea I guess.

24-09-09, 08:56
I had a cuppa and it didn't help - I thought it was just the upside down connection had been cut - glad to hear it's not just here!

24-09-09, 08:58
I keep getting network timeout? I was on it last night and it was fine?

24-09-09, 08:59
It seems fine here ... :)

24-09-09, 09:03
Ah ha - we're back!!

vikki brace
24-09-09, 09:13
I can't get in :(

24-09-09, 09:17
I am back in I had to enter my username and password.

24-09-09, 10:26
i have just tried it. Cant get in. My connection is fine.
Must be ancestry that is down.

keeps telling me I am logged in on some other computer.
guess just have to wait


Sue from Southend
24-09-09, 10:29
I'd just found what might be a second marriage for my 3x gt grandmother and now Ancestry's gone down:F

I may have to do some h*******k instead:madd:

24-09-09, 11:16

mines ok :conf:

wonder if its a server thing??

Peter Stenning
24-09-09, 11:27
I got on fine too, and just had a connection to a lady in Canada who has a link my Thomas Phillips , now the important thing is there are a few Phillips in her tree in Canada .

I have tried to make contact and will have to look into this further as she has an amazing 476 photos !!!!!.


24-09-09, 11:56
oh lovely Peter...

I wish mine had so many photos... *sighs*

24-09-09, 13:24
I may have to do some h*******k instead:madd:

Back in again! It stops and starts! No swearing on the Forum Sue!!:roll-eyes:

Sue from Southend
24-09-09, 13:49
:emb: Sorry Marion! Fortunately I got back in before having to do too much:Big Grin:

However it looks as though the possible second marriage isn't mine after all! Who'd have thought there would be two Mary Stokes with a father named Joseph, marrying someone with the name Wheeler, living within spitting distance of each other and becoming widows fairly closely together:roll-eyes:

Sorting that lot out meant no sweary work this morning after all!

24-09-09, 15:08
I'd believe it Sue - I was doing something similar but with the male side - trouble is by the time it came back on line I had forgotten the bright idea I had - now I shall have to start on it all over again! (It doesn't take long for me to forget something!).
Glad to know it stopped you having to swear again!;)