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22-09-09, 13:49
I'm looking for a marriage between William Brandom/Brandon and Ann (Surname possibilities.....Short OR Welch/Welsh ? Which may have taken place about 1740/1745, probably in the London area.

All their children were born and raised in Shoreditch London......though I'm uncertain as to whether their parents were actual Londoners.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou. :smilee:

Elizabeth Herts
22-09-09, 15:40

I used to go to the LMA a couple of times a year, but now so many of the records are on line it will probably be very infrequently.

Re. your query -
You can either:
wait until the records appear on line
narrow the search down slightly.

For someone to find this marriage they might well have to wade through several registers to find the correct one. If you could identify the most probable church it might help!

I hope this isn't too negative for you.:emb: However, if someone is going to search for you it's going to be a process of elimination re. the church where the ceremony was performed.

Good luck, and I hope you are successful in finding the marriage.

22-09-09, 18:45
Thanks Elizabeth, If they did marry in London it may have been either St Leonards church Shoreditch or St Luke Old st. Finsbury...though both are somewhat doubtful, as Ann may have come from some other district where the marriage may have been performed.
So only a slight chance I suppose but, if anyone is going in the near future, I would appreciate it if they could discount both these churches for me. Thanks.

As an afterthought, where might be the best place to try and find out on line be, as I haven't yet come across any records going that far back?

27-10-09, 06:21