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21-09-09, 11:29
Leslie Robert Wilson was born 12.12.1908 Scarborough. His mother was Elizabeth Florence Jones(Wilson married name). Born St Helens, Lancashire, 1882.Father Henry Edward Wilson born St Julian, Conisford, Norwich. Norfolk, 24.08.1882.
Now then here's the thing. I can find Elizabeth Florence Wilson on the 1911 census registered boarder, with her sister Bessie Leadley at 26 Woodville Street, County Lancashire, District Prescot, Subdistrict St. Helens, Enumeration district 18.
The problem is I can't find Leslie Robert or Henry Edward, I have been told that sometimes Henry was Harry.
Any ideas?????

Christine in Herts
21-09-09, 22:49
Have you looked at the grandparents? Was Henry Edward still alive? or still around?


Janet H.
21-09-09, 22:57

HOUSEHOLD WILSON HARRY M 1880 31 Norwich Norfolk
HOUSEHOLD WILSON HENRY M 1881 30 Erpingham Norfolk

wonder if either of these could be him

HOUSEHOLD WILSON LESLIE M 1905 6 Scarborough Yorkshire North Riding

22-09-09, 10:23
Hi there
Thanks very much for your replies. The grandfather Robert Wilson was dead by this time, but I shall check out the Grandmother Emily Baker(wilson) b 1862 Norwich Norfolk. Both grandparents on the maternal side had died.
Also thanks very much for the info off the census, I shall check out this asap see if there is another Leslie Wilson born 1905 in Scarborough or is the dob just wrong on census. It is possible that Henry/Harry was in Norfolk visiting relatives.
Thanks again