View Full Version : Omg!!!!!!

Little Nell
18-09-09, 19:23
sorry, I confused myself there!

18-09-09, 19:32
Easily done Nell i do it all the time to myself lol. The main thing is have you sorted it.

Little Nell
18-09-09, 21:56
No, but its too confusing for me to post yet, I need to see if I can sort it out using a pencil and a big piece of paper!!!!

18-09-09, 22:28
*sits waiting*

though it'd better not be a humongous post cos it fuddles me....lol

Little Nell
19-09-09, 00:07

Its a complex thingy, involves 2 sets of brothers and a set of sisters and various intermarriages and people witnessing eachother's weddings. BUT I can't work out how some people on the periphery of this are related to my ex's gt x 3 grandmother, though I am sure they are!!!

Will try to get things clearer in my head before I post!