View Full Version : Marriage Certificate?

18-09-09, 09:42
Are these proper marriage certificates or would a proper one have been issued as well?

18-09-09, 09:51
Hi, no these are just issued by some churches - I have one on hubby's line.
The marriage would have a normal statutory marriage certificate - you will get it on-line at Scotlands People - depending on the date. I think you can view marriage certs up to 1933 and then the indexes (just released this month) after 1933.
Scots marriage certs are very detailed and will list both parents names, so should be of good value if you carefully select the correct one to view. With the information you have then that should be no problem. Sorry if you know all this already.:smilee:
Good luck.

18-09-09, 09:53
Hi again,
if you go to the Wiki - POW section you will find some pics of Kirkwall churches that I have submitted.

18-09-09, 10:00
Thanks Herky - Though I can't understand why I ended up with these. plus Ellens birth and first marriage certificates only!