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15-09-09, 13:01
Hello all

I have access to ancestry but only the basic version. I was wondering whether somebody could please have a look at a record for me.

On the marriages I typed in Margaret Smith and then in spouse I put Fraser.
It brought up matches but the top two are my only intrest.

Any help would be great.


15-09-09, 13:14
Do you mean one of these?

Marriage Record
Name: Margaret Smith
Spouse Name: Thomas Fraser
Spouse Age: Full Age
Date: 3 Aug 1861
Parish: Saint James, Paddington
County: Middlesex Borough: Westminster
Father Name: Richard Smith
Spouse Father Name: John Fraser

The second one comes up as a Slatter not a Fraser on my end

Name: Margaret Smith
Spouse Name: Thomas Slatter
Record Type: Marriage
Event Date: 2 Jun 1754
Parish: Saint Mary, Rotherhithe
County: London Borough: Southwark

15-09-09, 13:19
Thankyou Marion

I was hoping it would be the one I was after but sadly not.
Thankyou for confirming for me though:smilee:

I dont surpose I could be cheeky one last time and ask for one more lookup?
Its just a gentleman named Peter Pruden in the search box.
I know of the two that have Margaret Fraser but not the first two.

Sorry to be a pain, I promise this is the last.


15-09-09, 13:35
The first one is down as a Frager

Marriage Record
Name: Peter Pruden
Spouse Name: Margaret Frager
Event Date: 27 Mar 1777
Parish: All Saints, Edmonton
County: Middlesex , Borough: Enfield

The other one is

Name: Peter Pruden
Spouse Name - Margaret Fraser
Record Type - Banns
Event Date: 11 Mar 1777
Parish: All Saints, Edmonton
County: Middlesex Borough: Enfield

Hope these are the ones you want

You're welcome.:)

15-09-09, 13:37

Sorry to be a nuisence

It was the other two I wanted but again thankyou for taking the time to look for me:smilee:


15-09-09, 13:43
Hi Danny,
Sorry those are the only two with Peter Pruden - if there is anything else let me know - I'm not looking up anything for myself atm!