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Kerri from Aus
30-08-09, 00:57
Baptisms of siblings Thomas BERRIDGE b c 1788 & Mary BERRIDGE b c 1792,both born Wood Walton,Huntingdonshire. Their cousins-Francis BERRIDGE b c 1791 & Robert BERRIDGE b c 1799,born Wood Walton. The family lived around Great Raveley,Upwood,Ramsey,Sawtry area.Interested in any BERRIDGE/BURRIDGE family especially in Wood Walton. Have census.
Thanks for any help.

Elaine ..Spain
30-08-09, 07:26
Kerri, have you tried the Huntingdonshire Look-up Exchange (http://aztecrose.tripod.com/huntingdon/hun.html) ?

There is someone on there (Margaret Long) who is offering lookups for the parish registers of Woodwalton 1604-1989.

Kerri from Aus
30-08-09, 09:33
Yes,I had asked Margaret-nothing found. But previously I had asked for another lookup which she couldnt find in Upwood. Then I stumbled across a website which has baptisms,marriages in Upwood & was able to find it using slightly different spelling.

Elaine ..Spain
30-08-09, 09:35
OK - just thought it might be worth a try, but obviously you knew about the site anyway.
Let's hope one of our members may be able to help.

25-10-09, 00:39

Peter Stenning
25-10-09, 07:20
Hi Kerri,

I am off to Huntingdon this coming week and would be glad to look these up for you .


Kerri from Aus
26-10-09, 23:53
Thankyou for your kind offer Peter. Have sent PM to you.