View Full Version : St Neots Burial records ???email or phone number

Val wish Id never started
24-08-09, 17:08
I'l trying to find where somebody was buried in 1989 he died in Hinchingbrooke Hospital Huntingdon lived in Eaton Ford St Neots he isnt in any of the cemetaries in Huntingdon and I was told to try St Neots ,Peterborough or Bedford
any ideas please
will be popping on and off while doing dinner ,

24-08-09, 18:12
I don't know if they can help, but could be worth a shot: Escan - The Eatons Community Association (http://www.escan.org.uk/)

Val wish Id never started
24-08-09, 20:03
thanks Sarah will try them

Uncle John
25-08-09, 21:27
St Neots and Hinchingbrooke Hospital both come under Huntingdonshire District Council, Cambridgeshire. St. Neots is very close to the Bedfordshire border but has never been in Bedfordshire (at least in recent times).

25-08-09, 21:29
Eaton Socon?

Val wish Id never started
26-08-09, 12:03
thanks Uncle John I did contact the Huntingdonshire council and they told me to try the ones I mention above.
Thanks Stacky, gonna try them now .