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23-08-09, 22:06
Henry (Hy) Trindall is a real brick wall problem. I have his marriage cert. in 1874 and I can find census records right through from then to his death and all his children. However when he married Eliza Wilson in 1874 in Grimsby he was a widower. I believe he was born between 1835 and 1839 in Isleworth, Middlesex, but I cant find his birth, census records prior to 1874, or his first marriage. I have tried IGI and FreeBMD. All his children (that I am aware of) were born in Lincolnshire. Can you suggest anything else? I thought I had found him married to Charlotte Jordan, but when I got the cert. it was totally the wrong family.:(

Any suggestions would be REALLY gratefully recieved.


Mary from Italy
23-08-09, 22:12
What were his occupation, and his father's name and occupation, given on the marriage cert?

23-08-09, 22:19
Hy's occupation was a dock gateman (presumeably Grimsby Docks), his father was also Henry and he was a labourer

23-08-09, 22:27
are thse sibs? if so parents are William & sophia- might help with early census

Christening: 27 OCT 1839 Isleworth, London, England

Christening: 18 APR 1841 Isleworth, London, England

EDIT, no his father was henry - is that from his marriage cert? I guess so.
Back to square one then

**His marriage to Eliza is on the IGI with an E not A

23-08-09, 22:45
Jess - the variations on Trindall are another problem. So far I have seen Trendell, Trindell, Trindull and even Trinder

Anne in Carlisle
23-08-09, 22:51
I thought I had one - Henry Trendell marrying a Charlotte Eliza who dies in Q3 1861 Bermondsey but unfotunately I think it is the baby who dies and the mother not until 1879. They were in London on the 1861 census but they had a servant, which doesn't fit with your labourer in later censuses.

I've had a bit of a scout around but not come up with anything else :(

Perhaps he was like one of my families and completely/partially changed his name. In a small village its not too hard to work it out but when his place of birth is so vague its very difficult.


Mary from Italy
23-08-09, 22:53
I've been looking for a female Trindall/Trindell death before 1874, but haven't found anything obvious yet.

23-08-09, 22:56
Anne - I thought Charlotte was the first wife but when I got the marriage cert. I found that her Henry was the sub editor of a newspaper and his father (Henry) was deceased. In my Henry's 1974 marriage, his father was still alive.

My Henry became an Ag. lab. so I dont think he is likely to have been connected with a newspaper.

23-08-09, 23:27
Thanks for trying to help guys, at least I have convinced myself that I have not missed anything glaringly obvious. I do appreciate your time and effort, but sorry I have to leave you. What a great forum this is.