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Lindy Tumblethump
23-08-09, 20:28
I wonder does anyone by any chance visit Essex RO please. If so I wonder if they could do one look up for me please. xxhugx

24-08-09, 05:16
Have you tried looking on the Essex Wiki page under "Record Office & Archive Lookup Requests". There is one member's name there that maybe able to help you.

http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Essex (http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Essex)

Lindy Tumblethump
24-08-09, 09:18
No why didn't I think of that? thanks John xxhugxx

24-08-09, 09:38
You're welcome Lindy! It's good is the wiki, contains plenty of useful info. :D

25-08-09, 03:47
Hi John, I did think of contacting her myself to request a look-up but (according to her profile) the person who offered to do look-ups at Essex RO hasn't been on line since 2007.

25-08-09, 05:01
Hi Jenny, I've just double checked as well. You're quite correct. ummm, maybe a plan B is required.

Lindy Tumblethump
25-08-09, 10:22
Yes I noticed that hmm xxhugxx

25-08-09, 13:11
Lindy, If you can wait until after our rowing race (September 5th) I will have more free time when I'm not in training and will be using the ERO fairly frequently.

Lindy Tumblethump
25-08-09, 18:49
Have sent you a pm Judith xxhugxx