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23-08-09, 15:37
Can anyone find a marriage between Annie Jupp and Ernest Luckhurst, presumably sometime before 1905 when their first child was born. I have tracked them to the 1911 census where they are in Croydon, with 4 children. Thet then go on to have another 5 children, but I can find no trace of a Luckhurst - Jupp marriage. Thanks


Wincot kid
23-08-09, 15:51
The only Ernest Luckhurst marriage coming up on FreeBMD between 1891 and 1905 is in 1895 to an Ellen Godden, Faversham (which is Kent) Dec Q 1895.

On the 1911 census it tells you how long in years the couple have been married, plus how old were they? i.e. were they together in 1901?

An Ernest G Luckhurst married a lady named Jupp in December 1917 in Camberwell registration district. (listed as Rose A Jupp)

They may be the same Ernest Luckhurst, who was already married and couldn't get a divorce, or it might be they couldn't afford to get married, lived as common law husband and wife, and finally got around to tying the knot in 1917.

23-08-09, 15:57
At the moment I am only on the indexes for the 1911 census - have no credits, so can't see the transcripts. Interesting that it is an Ernest G marrying Jupp, as they had a son Ernest G in 1909. I'm hoping to get to the TNA next month to access the 1911 censuses, meanwhile doing as much as I can now.

Thanks for that, very helpful.


24-08-09, 08:36
Hiya Linda...following Wincott and your info I went on freebmd and typed Luckhurst / Jupp for births..knowing they didn`t put Mothers Maiden Name until 1911.....so ...I found the 5 you have mentioned....all Croyden....the 1917 marriage was in Camberwell....does this cover Croyden ?....I would wonder why 9 children were registered Croyden and the marriage in Camberwell...allan:)

24-08-09, 12:51
Looking at the map, it seems that camberwell is just north of croydon. Maybe if they had been living in sin as it were all that time they wanted to marry out of their area so no one would realise.


25-08-09, 12:52
I have a few Jupp's from the 1800's on a twig from my family tree they came from Sussex is it possible they are related to your Jupp

25-08-09, 14:05
Hi Fred,
I'm not sure where The Annie Jupp I'm looking for is from yet - need to get a look at the census. This is not my own family tree, but one for a relative, so I'm not sure if they had relatives from Sussex (although they are there now). As far as she was aware all her family were from Croydon. If I find out any more I'll let you know.