View Full Version : Original 1947 Death Certificate

22-08-09, 14:37
Going through my OH's Grandmothers papers I found she had the original death certificate for her husband. However, what threw me is that she has it in duplicate - They are obviously done by the same person and the numbers are consecutive. Was it common for the registrar to give out 2 copies?


22-08-09, 14:40
Is there any difference, no matter how small, between the 2 copies?

22-08-09, 14:42
No. they are identical

22-08-09, 14:44
I have several copies of my father's death cert. We needed them to send to his bank & insurance companies.

22-08-09, 14:57
I just wasn't sure if they gave out copies like that in 1947 - would you have needed them as much then?

Anne in Carlisle
22-08-09, 15:08
We had five copies of my father's death certificate for various purposes like bank, investments etc etc.

I think we had to pay for them (??) but they were cheaper if they were 'current' £3 I seem to remember. And they said they would stay that way while that registration book was the current one.


22-08-09, 15:14
Okay, thanks for your help.

Elizabeth Herts
22-08-09, 16:46
We too had several copies of my mother's death certificates. This was because it speeded up the Probate process. You have to send off a copy to each financial institution, and if we had only one and waited for it to be returned it would have taken a long time to sort out the finances.

Olde Crone Holden
22-08-09, 19:01
Ditto - I had ten copies for my late father as his financial affairs were very widespread.

Some were returned, most weren't and I finished up with three in the end.