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Meridian Line
22-08-09, 14:25
If anyone has access to the above, I would be grateful for the full details of Christiana Burnyeat , date of trial 16th Oct 1838 , Cumberland England.

She's a twig on my tree, but was widowed in 1835 & all 4 children died very young, so I'd be interested to see what had happened to her.

Many thanks,

Val wish Id never started
22-08-09, 14:46
it say larceny in a dwelling and larceny ??? her age is 42
have saved the image if you want it
9 months and six months

22-08-09, 14:49
She received two sentences of 9 months and six months for larceny in a dwelling, and larceny.

Hope this helps.

Meridian Line
22-08-09, 19:09
Many thanks for the info, sorry to delay in replying I'd just sat down at the computer, when we got visitors.
Val, I'll pm you.