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21-08-09, 23:29
I've never come accross a census like this before and I'm pretty sure this is my gggg grandfather at the top, Edward Clifford. I'm struggling to read what it says and I'm a bit confused that his kids and wife aren't on it but the female box is ticked.


Night Owl
22-08-09, 00:21
Could you give the census reference please as it might help to see the whole image


22-08-09, 00:24
Certainly looks like Edward Clifford. As his age is in the male column I would suggest that the tick is a check mark made by the enumerator.

Little Nell
22-08-09, 11:52
Yes the tick is irrelevant, its put on later when the enumerators were tallying.

Have you found his wife and children elsewhere? It says he's a labourer. The census just shows where the person spent the night, so he may have just been at that place for one night.

Depending on what kind of labouring, he could have been staying elsewhere for work purposes.

22-08-09, 17:57
This is the only trace I've found of him in Scotland so far. I showed this to the local historian and he said he thinks the most likely thing would be that Edward left his wife and Kids in Ireland so that he could come to Scotland to try to find work before moving his wife and kids here, he definitely had at least 1 child at this time because his son was born 1837 in Ireland. That census page shows that around 12 people lived in that one house, most were Armstrong's and 3 other independant people who were not related. Looks like they've just taken people in maybe as boarders.