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Dizzy Digital Cat
21-08-09, 17:16
Can anyone decipher what this address is on a marriage cert please. It's the second bit on the first pic and then on its own on the second one.



Christine in Herts
21-08-09, 17:32
32 Milton Street

and a start:

Hale Lane


Dizzy Digital Cat
21-08-09, 17:44
Thank you Christine :)

The first one was what I thought but I thought a second opinion would be nice. The second one was driving me mad.

Christine in Herts
21-08-09, 18:09
It might be worth having a look at a map for the area around where the marriage took place?

Or see where she says on the census she comes from.


Dizzy Digital Cat
21-08-09, 18:43
I've found her on the 81 and 91 census where it says she was born Widnes, Lancashire. I'll check google maps, thanks again :)

Dizzy Digital Cat
21-08-09, 18:47
Just googled and put in Hale Lane, Widnes. There wasn't an Hale Lane but there was a Hale Road and it comes under the area of Ditton which may just be the last bit.

Christine in Herts
21-08-09, 19:08
Ditton is just about a possible for that last one, I'd say. Certainly, unless/until you find something better.


Uncle John
21-08-09, 19:53
Is it on LancsBMD? If the information is vital you could splash out on the local RO certificate which will have different writing. (Or vice versa - get the GRO cert. if this is the local one).

21-08-09, 20:15
I think it is Ditton.

Dizzy Digital Cat
22-08-09, 01:05
Hi UJ, the information isn't vital, not at the moment anyway but I'll bear that in mind for future reference on this and other certs.

Fran, yes it is, I had one of my idiot moments earlier I'm afraid :o I reread the rest of the cert and it stated that it was at St Michaels church in Ditton :o Never thought to check that out :rolleyes:

Thank you to all for your help :)