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21-08-09, 16:12
Hi All,

So I've started ordering the certificates and having reached my great great grandfather Albert Charles I've hit a dead end - he was born in either 1845 or 1847 - although 1845 is more commonly used - and despite searching through all the records i can find on freebmd and find my past I can find no record of his birth - I want to order the certificate and so I'm looking for the GRO numbers that you need to provide... Can anyone find a record of his birth anywhere?

Thanks all.


Elaine ..Spain
21-08-09, 16:15
Have you found him in the census - if so where does he state he was born?

(The details of the 1851 census would be useful if you have it.)

Little Nell
21-08-09, 16:18
Hi, is he the chap who says he was born Paddington, in the 1851 census?

Ref: HO107; Piece: 1466; Folio: 440; Page: 16

If so, as he is only 6 here, 1845 is the more likely birth date.

Little Nell
21-08-09, 16:20
1891 RG12; Piece: 36; Folio 49; Page 28 says 1845 Paddington
1901 RG13; Piece: 45; Folio: 103; Page: 24 says 1847 Paddington

Little Nell
21-08-09, 16:23
No Alberts with any surname born Paddington 1844-48 ditto Hitchinson babies.

Elaine ..Spain
21-08-09, 16:24
LN, does Paddington come under the Kensington reg. district?

Little Nell
21-08-09, 16:26
Elaine I think its Marylebone as I've found some of the other children listed there.

Little Nell
21-08-09, 16:27
Sep 1838 HITCHINSON Jane Elizabeth Marylebone (javascript:golink("/cgi/districts.pl?r=1079555&d=bmd_1250161919")) 1152 (javascript:gopage(1838,3,0,'1','152',1))

Little Nell
21-08-09, 16:28
There's also a Walter Downing Hitchinson birth registered 1840, but I see on 1851 census Walter is the same age as Charles.

Maybe their births were missing when copies were sent to the GRO?

Elaine ..Spain
21-08-09, 16:30
Not having much luck finding anything.

Little Nell
21-08-09, 16:33
There's a gap between the elder children, I am wondering if John was married twice. Though it doesn't explain why we can't find Albert. I've tried obvious mistakes like Hutchinson and got nowhere.

22-08-09, 10:55
I've found stuff on the census - although I've never found it on the 1851 census - only on the 1861 onwards census...

I didn't think that the info from the census could be used to obtain a birth certificate? I'm not sure of the proper names for the various numbers you have to provide when you go about ordering birth certificates from the GRO?



22-08-09, 11:01
I've just searched for the details someone gave for the 1851 census and it's saying 'sorry no results found' as in I looked up the folio, page, etc.

Why would that be?

PS> I'm looking on findmypast.com

Little Nell
22-08-09, 11:33
Laura - a census can give a rough birthdate (can be out by a year or more) but not the numbers you need to order a birth cert.

You need the year, quarter, registration district, volume and page numbers to order a cert costing £7. If you aren't sure of these you can order a 3 year search that costs £11 I think - but if you can't find the GRO ref chances are the GRO won't find it either as they use the same indexes we have access to.

You could try applying to the relevant local register office- but a lot of London register offices don't supply certs for genealogy purposes. The local ros don't use the same refs as the GRO.

Little Nell
22-08-09, 11:37
I couldn't get either Albert Hitchinson or the census ref to work on FMP but it works fine on Ancestry. You could send me your email by pm and I could send you a copy, if you like.

22-08-09, 12:15
It might be that he wasnt registered, he might have been just baptised.

My gt grandad wasnt registered though he was born in 1838, all I have for him was a baptism.

alot got missed until 1875 when they started clamping down on birth regs.

Glen in Tinsel Knickers
22-08-09, 19:24
Kensington Reg District homepage

Applying for a certificate (http://www.rbkc.gov.uk/communityandlocallife/applyingforacertificate.aspx)

Link also in the wiki along with dozens of other London area offices which supply family history certs

Paddington district came about in 1885, pre 1885 events are likely to be Kensington district.

Little Nell
23-08-09, 00:53
I think it will be Marylebone myself.