View Full Version : What is this name on the marriage certificate

21-08-09, 11:50
Can anyone read this name?

Is it Fran Petvin ?

thanks for your help.

Elaine ..Spain
21-08-09, 11:52
Possibly John Petrin.

I see your wedding was in Wells Somerset. There are some Petrins in that area on the 1851/1861 census.

Uncle John
21-08-09, 11:53
First name is John. Second name looks like Petrin/Potvin or a variant.
A capital F in "real writing" does not have a descender, but a J does.

Little Nell
21-08-09, 13:09
Definitely John.

Mike Fisher
21-08-09, 15:20
I notice there is a John Petvin born 1801 in the 1841 census for Street Somerset an accountant Elizabeth 40 and John 2months