View Full Version : Could anyone please look for a marriage for me?

Lynn The Forest Fan
20-08-09, 21:39
I am looking for a marriage in Merionethshire Wales in the 1950's & would really appreciate it if someone could check on Ancestry for me. As both parties are still alive, I would pm the details.

Elaine ..Spain
20-08-09, 21:43
Send me a pm Lynn and I´ll have a look.

20-08-09, 21:43
Send me the details Lynn and I'll have a look for you.

oops Elaine's beat me to it

Lynn The Forest Fan
20-08-09, 21:53
Thanks Elaine & Galloway lass. I'll sned you both the pm, 2 heads are better than one! :D

Lynn The Forest Fan
20-08-09, 22:50
Many thanks to both ladies who found the same marriage & pm'd me at exactly the same time. :)