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20-08-09, 18:40
On FamilySearchorg when you search and get a result say a marriage is that the full answer or can you request the full listing?

20-08-09, 19:19
That's it I'm afraid. If you want more info you have to either look at the parish registers or order the certificate from the GRO or the the local registrar's office, having first found the correct reference number.

20-08-09, 19:40
A wise man once said.
"He who asks a question is a fool for a day"
"He who does not, will be a fool for the rest of his life"

I start every teaching year with that as a poster on my tutorial room wall

Little Nell
20-08-09, 20:19
Hi James.

That's it, though it does give actual dates and places which you don't get with registration indexes.

20-08-09, 20:45
Thanks all for your replies, I had a sudden thought that I might be able to get further information on search findings and I was doing something wrong!!