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20-08-09, 09:44
Please can i get help :confused:

the above i have no info on him apart from he and his wife (no name) had sons oldest CHARLES and WILLIAM (BILLY) COOK

WILLIAM married EILEEN M NUCKLEY, in 1941, EILEEN was born in 1923

i have all her info, but am yet to find out anything about the cook family, as this is my blood line, but most of the family are dead and the living ones
do not want to talk about them, WILLIAM would have been my grand father
so any help would be so appreciated,

kelly :)

20-08-09, 10:05
you need to establish the age of William and Charles (either now or when they died) and search for their births. You can then work backwards to find the parents etc.

20-08-09, 10:17
Hi thanks for that, i did find a dob for 1927 but cant be sure, its so annoying as none of the family who are still alive refuse to talk about the whole family, i need to know who my grandfather was,

my regards

kelly :confused:

20-08-09, 10:25
Do you have no other info at all? Do yo uhave the marriage cert for William and Eileen? If William is dead, can you get a copy of his death cert, it might give an age to work with.

20-08-09, 10:28
marriage index

Q1 Camberwell, Surrey. 1d 1482

20-08-09, 10:29
I have to go off-line now, but if you still need help when I get back I'll do what I can.

20-08-09, 10:55
i have just sent for the marriage cert for them so i guess it will take a week or so,

i dont know if there is look ups for the road, but am not sure, and i havent a clue how to get them,

there was a Pub on the same road called the ROSEMARY,

its so strange that the family wont talk about him, :mad:

but i guess i will have to wait till the marrage cert comes,

but thank you for your help


kelly :confused:

01-09-09, 08:56

hi all just letting you all know, i have now received my william cooks marriage certificate. well well

William Alfred was 19 when married in 1941, eileen was 18 yrs, so all the info i received was wrong he was born 1922 and not 1927
what a mess, i have now sent for his birth certificate, i now belive his mother was sillince, but will wait till it comes before waisting
everyones time for which i am sorry,

williams father was WILLIAM CLARENCE COOK so his name wasent EDWARD(Ted)
as i was told,

my regards


01-09-09, 10:16
Even if he was registered as William Clarence, he may well have been known as Ted within the family.

My great grandfather had Tom, Dick, Bill, Kit and Bob - registered as Arthur Edmond Richard, Elsie Emily, William Henry Martin, Laura Alice Marjory and Cecil Alfred Herbert. Just as well someone in the family recorded the nicknames for me.

Cannot see a Cook-Sillince marriage, although there are Sillinces about in Greenwich, maybe its not on freebmd yet.

I count 11 births of Cooks with Sillince mothers maiden name from 1913-1929.


02-09-09, 08:14
hi thanks for your reply

ho yes i know only to well about people changing there names, my dreded king's were always doing the my grandfather was thomas henry known as harry, his brother was william w known as wally, and so on,
i have now sent for williams (billy) birth cert, but have just found out that my nan had an affair and my father was born, that why Billy left her, so now i dont know who i am the family have closed the door and bolted it

kelly :confused:

15-09-09, 09:03

hi there,

well i have just had part of my money returned for Billys cert as his fathers name was not william clarence cook,
so now i have ordered one for william cook born in Lambeth mothers maiden name Donald, this seems more likley as they did live in peckham and camberwell, and see what that one turnes up