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Val wish Id never started
19-08-09, 22:54
If somebody in The Royal Fusiliers 10th Battalion died in May 1916 in France which battle would it have been ??
Been told either the Battle of The Somme or Arras ??? but the dates dont seem to fit ???
Buried in Berles-Au-Bois Churchyard extension.

Joy Dean
19-08-09, 23:05
This will help -

The Long, Long Trail (http://www.1914-1918.net/)

Val wish Id never started
19-08-09, 23:31
thanks Joy been having a read but still cant really pin his death down

20-08-09, 00:31
First World War.com - On This Day - 18 May 1916 (http://www.firstworldwar.com/onthisday/1916_05_18.htm)

Hope this helps.

Night Owl
20-08-09, 01:03

If you scroll down on this link you'll see the bit about the 10th (Service) Battalion (nicknamed the Stockbrokers Battalion)

The Royal Fusiliers in 1914-1918 (http://www.1914-1918.net/royalfus.htm)

It looks as though the war diaries for that battalion are available to download at The National Archives

The National Archives | DocumentsOnline | Image Details (http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/documentsonline/details-result.asp?Edoc_Id=8199422&queryType=1&resultcount=45)

I downloaded my great uncle's battalion war diaries a while back and for £3.50 I got loads of info. In his case he wasn't an officer so he didn't get mentioned by name but I was able to work out what the Battalion was doing on the day that he died. In all I got about 100 pages on 14 PDF files.

It looks as though the 10th Battalion ones are even bigger (about 800 pages over 4 files!!) but it should be quite easy to find the bits you want

Val wish Id never started
20-08-09, 11:53
that looks brilliant Jackie will do that now thanks very much .
ooh where are my manners thanks to you too Southwick have saved that to my favourites.

Little Nell
20-08-09, 12:01
Have you got the death cert? Lots of soldiers died of disease rather than of wounds.

Mary from Italy
20-08-09, 16:24
Your best bet is to join the 1914-18 forum at the address Joy gave you. There are some real experts there, who can probably give you a lot of information.

Val wish Id never started
20-08-09, 19:46
thanks Nell I think another rellie got it as he told me when he had died and where ???
Mary I did belong to that forum some time ago I have let it lapse may rejoin thanks .
For now have downloaded the war diaries there are quite some pages to read though.

Val wish Id never started
29-08-09, 22:25
nudged up

Wincot kid
29-08-09, 23:57
Is this site of any interest to you?

World War One Photos. Royal Fusiliers. 1914-1918 Photos And Obituaries (http://www.ww1photos.com/RoyalFusiliers.html)

Val wish Id never started
30-08-09, 19:21
what a wonderful idea Wincot thanks for that link but sadly my man isnt there

31-08-09, 01:02
Did you get to the bottom of this Val with the War Diary - looking at the information about the cemetery on the CWGC site - it says -

The village remained in British hands from the summer of 1915, when it was taken over from French troops, until the end of the War. It suffered at times from severe shelling, which caused the destruction of the original church

As I don't think the 37th Division (to which the 10th Bn Royal Fusiliers were attached) went into action until later in 1916 - and looking at the "clusters" of casualties buried there who died in May 1916 - 1 on the 2nd, 1 on the 3rd, 5 on the 4th, 2 on the 26th and 1 on the 28th - my guess would be most likely training or other accidents/casualties of shelling/even natural causes

Would be interested to know if you find out more


Val wish Id never started
31-08-09, 12:51
I did reply but as this site is unstable at the moment looks like it didnt post
Yes thanks very much it was a fantastic find ,I did try to put the image on here but again it wouldnt work at the moment
It seems a small patrol was sent out during the early morning of the day he was killed and 2 men were killed and 3 wounded so he must have been one of the ones that got killed ,seems strange to see it in writing.