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Tree genie
19-08-09, 17:32
Hello All,

I am trying to work up a tree for my nieces paternal side, my sister and her husband have split up, I have done quite well on all branches going back except the main one, the surname that she was born with :(

I have her grandfather, who died quite young of cancer, and I have his parents marriage certificate, it came today, 1943 Suffolk, on there it says that his father's rank/profession was Gunner (his number) Coast Regiment.

Any ideas what coast regiment means?

Christine in Herts
19-08-09, 17:54
Do these look relevant? I thought they looked possible...
Whitehaven WWII Coast Battery (http://www.users.globalnet.co.uk/~rwbarnes/defence/whitehav.htm)


From what I can see, the following RA units were based in Gib.
3 Coast Regiment RA (Jan 1941 - )
19 Coast Regiment RA (Dec 42 - Mar 45)

There are also a number of RNZA references.



Oakum Picker
19-08-09, 18:27
There is a book about the Suffolk Coastal Batteries during WWII but I can't remember what it's called & googling hasn't helped. I know it can be bought in local shops.

Tree genie
19-08-09, 18:51
Thanks for that Christine, I had found a couple of obscure references when I Googled but I didn't find the ww2talk, it looks promising.

His residence at the time is listed as 'Finston' but I can only find it listed as a surname, does anyone know of a place with this name?

Mary from Italy
19-08-09, 18:55
There's a list of Suffolk towns and parishes here, but I can't see anything obvious:

GENUKI: Suffolk Index (http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/SFK/ParishIndex.html#F)

Oakum Picker
19-08-09, 19:24
It's probably Friston which is inland from Aldeburgh. I'm pretty certain there were batteries along that part of the coast.

19-08-09, 20:15
Royal Artillery certainly had units called Coast Batteries and Gunner is a RA rank.

Tree genie
19-08-09, 23:33
Thank you Ann & Mary.

Glen, the writing is quite difficult to make out on the certificate and it could well be Friston, if I didn't know that the wife came from Leiston I would never have worked that out!
I will try to find the book, many thanks for your help :)

Uncle John
20-08-09, 16:47
You may find that a local library has a copy of the book. An email to the librarian could pay off. And if they do have it, you could ask if they are willing to do an inter-library loan.