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Cherry Too
18-08-09, 18:02
hi could i have a fresh pair of eyes please as mine as got tired with looking:eek: 1881 census for both

for a Charles Hoare born 1848 Uxbridge in 1871 census he was in Pancreas as assistant hairdresser in 1885 a daughter is born(have not found a marriage) he was living hammersmith hairdresser.

also a Ellen Mathews or Rose Ellen Hoare(long story but possibly same person) . i think she was born St Austell c1851/2 as Ellen Hill.

I am hoping someone can find them as it hopefully will help me sort this brickwall once and for all.


18-08-09, 18:14
there are 2 ellen matthews born cornwall and living cornwall - do expect her to be living with charles?

18-08-09, 18:24
on familysearchorg

charles hoare - coachman
chas henry hoare - letter carrier
charles a r hoare - banker

Elaine ..Spain
18-08-09, 18:51
Have you found Charles in the 1891 or 1901 census.
If so what does he give for place of birth?

Cherry Too
18-08-09, 19:49
Hi Charles died in 1890 18 bramley Rd hammersmith which is the same address on his daughters birth.cert. On all previous census he was born uxbridge.

I just cant seem to find either anywhere in 1881.

The trouble is i dont know when Ellen/Rose Ellen waas with Charles hoare as i said there daughter was born 1885.


18-08-09, 20:02
what was their daughters name?

Cherry Too
18-08-09, 20:21
The daughters name is Ellen Sarah hoare.