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Linda from Murton
18-08-09, 14:01
Before I spend another £7, can anyone please tell me if a death certificate issued in 1843 would show where someone was born.

The chap I am trying to trace was shown on the 1841 census as being born in Scotland, but doubts are starting to creep in. He died in 1843 and I have found the GRO ref, but am hanging back sending for a copy certificate.

Your comments would be appreciated.

PS I know I have asked a similar question somewhere else but for the life of me I cant find it.

Oakum Picker
18-08-09, 14:17
In a word -no.

This will tell you more.

England and Wales Certificates - Family Tree Forum (http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/England_and_Wales_Certificates#Death_Certificates)

18-08-09, 14:21
Suggest you look at the certificate tutorials which show what is included on the different certificates.

Certificate tutorials - Family Tree Forum (http://www.familytreeforum.com/wiki/index.php/Certificate_tutorials)

If the person was born in Scotland before 1855 then you're best looking at the IGI which may give you some information. Unfortunately Scotland's OPR's don't give a lot of information (unless you're lucky). If you do find the info you want then you should go to Scotlandspeople where you could download an image of the OPR relatively cheaply.

If you know the county in Scotland then www.ScotsOrigins.com allows you to search by county which can make it a bit easier.

Linda from Murton
18-08-09, 15:51
Many thanks Oakum Picker and JBee. Excellent links.

We think he was born in Argyll, but his name was John Campbell. No hoper.

19-08-09, 07:22
you'll have better luck than me. im looking for a william smith. and thats all i have! also, if your looking at argyll, beware that some parishes dont have records till 1829, so you may not find anything. doesnt mean he wasnt born in scots, but he may have been non con too. those registers wont be on scotlands people.

Elizabeth Herts
19-08-09, 07:28
im looking for a william smith.

:D Perhaps you have a "Hot Match" with my William Smith!

19-08-09, 07:32
haha, quite possibly! im always getting matches with every tom dick and harry. and you know most arent even slightly related!

Little Nell
19-08-09, 10:09
I've got a William Smith in my tree too!!!!!! What a coincidence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19-08-09, 10:26
I've got a John Smith born somewhere in England!!!!!