View Full Version : Ancestry, Find my past or Genealogist?

Joy Dean
16-08-09, 16:31
Which would you think is best value for money?

16-08-09, 16:54
Not the Genealogist. They are far too expensive!!!

Elaine ..Spain
16-08-09, 16:56
Never used the Genealogist.
As for the other two, it depends what you need - both have different sets of databases so the best way to decide is to see what they have and which best suits your needs.

Joy Dean
16-08-09, 17:26
We have the essentials subscription with ancestry and have been happy with that but now really would like to be able to look at more :-)

Elaine ..Spain
16-08-09, 17:48
Have a look at what FMP have to offer.

Their parish record databases are increasing all the time - but of course it depends if they have what you are looking for. For me the addition of the Docklands Ancestor databases has been very useful!
Parish Records at findmypast.com (http://www.findmypast.com/helpadvice/knowledge-base/parish-records/index.jsp#other)

Joy Dean
16-08-09, 18:50
Thank you. I shall explore it. We currently subscribe through quidco to get discount but that does not seem available for find my past though there are probably other sites that do it.

Mary from Italy
16-08-09, 18:55
Personally I hate the FMP search interface - it's much slower and more difficult to use than Ancestry's.

However, if at some stage they offer a reasonable subscription package that includes the 1911 census, I shall certainly consider it.

At the moment I occasionally buy FMP credits to search the outgoing passenger lists, death duty index and burials, and use Ancestry for everything else.

17-08-09, 03:56
I prefer Ancestry. The search facility is better and easier to find things.

I'll resubscribe to FMP once the 1911 is part of the package. I can't afford to do too many searches by credit.

You may prefer to buy credits to FMP. i can't remember if they do a short term sub.

Harrys mum
17-08-09, 04:52
I prefer Ancestry, but have The Genealogist as well.

If you have any non-conformists in your family then a 6 month sub to The Genealogist is a must. I've saved over 300 pounds in certs so far. Of course if you can get to the ROs it might be different but not sure if you can get pre 1837 certs there.
They are well worth getting often with three generations and the original witness signatures.

Joy Dean
17-08-09, 09:51
Thank you. Our ancestry subscription is due for renewal in October, and we are asking for other people's opinions and exploring all avenues until then.

Jennie H
17-08-09, 10:16
If you Google The genealogist the first hit is for 30 days free trial plus 10 credits. No credit card details necessary. Only if you have never joined it before though.