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16-08-09, 11:40
Would anyone with Ancestry Worldwide please help me confirm the details of my great grandfather and great grandmother.
His name was Henry Clarke b1817 in Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Here are all the unverified pieces of information i have so far.

1. Emigration:
Emigrated to the new world between 1845-1855 possibly Quebec.
Where he sailed from and on which ship would be nice to know.
He met my ggrandmother Catherine either on the ship or in Quebec.
They had a child in Quebec named John b1860 (registration details if possible)

2. Marriage:
They got married in Bridgeport, Fairfield, Connecticut, USA in 1862 (again registration details)
They then had a second child named Henry Joseph b1863 in New London, Connecticut and a third named Catherine b1868 in Kingston, USA.
They returned to the UK and lived in a village called Manea in Cambridgeshire (fact) and had a fourth child named James b1870 my grandfather.

3. Catherine, my ggrandmother:
Catherine Lalley b1835-40 in Ireland, possibly Co Mayo not sure.

I know i`m asking for a lot but i would be really pleased with any conformation of the above.
Thanks in advance.

Uncle John
16-08-09, 12:08
The 1871 census gives some clues:

RG10 Piece 1608 Folio 30 Page 16
Henry 53 b. Manea
Catherine 36 b. Ireland
John 11 b. Quebec (transcribed Quelee) Canada
Henry 8 b. New London Canada
Catherine 3 b. Kingston Canada
James 7mth. b. Manea

So they returned to England about 1869.

The only major errors in your story are that all the births were in Canada. New London and Kingston are near Ottawa, Ontario.

16-08-09, 12:24
I think its the New london up the coast from Bridgeport near Rhode Island and Kingston may be the one on lake Ontario

Uncle John
16-08-09, 13:02
Until you find an emigration record there's no certainty what route they took. But surely in 1871 they would remember where they had travelled? It was only 10 years previously. I'd trust what Henry told the enumerator in 1871 unless you get better information. New London, Prince Edward Island is a possibility.

16-08-09, 13:14
John , thats all the information i have unfortunately.
Thanks for trying.

Uncle John
16-08-09, 15:18
In 1881 son John is not at home and its says America not Canada. But in 1891 John is back with his parents and born Quebec Canada. I can't see him after that so perhaps he went back to Canada.

16-08-09, 17:35
Son John died in 1901 in the workhouse in Doddington, Cambs

16-08-09, 18:13
I think I have found them in the 1861 Canadian census in Quebec. Very little info but I think Henry's occupation was a soldier. In fact I think it may have been a barracks because there are other soldiers listed on the page.

16-08-09, 18:26
When Henry left this country to go to the new world he was a Basketmaker

16-08-09, 18:40
If you send me a PM with your e mail address I can send you the image & you can have a look for yourself. The writing is quite feint but I am sure it is them, Henry age 41 born England,John age 2 born Canada, Catherine age 27 born Ireland.