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Peter Stenning
15-08-09, 19:17
Is there a site that would list Policemen from the 1911 onwards. I may have mis read Cow.man which on second thoughts could be Law.man.

I have the marriage cert not a transcription.


Mary from Italy
15-08-09, 19:18
I don't think a policeman in the UK would ever have been called a lawman.

Peter Stenning
15-08-09, 19:22
well then Con.Man notice there is a dot between the two words.
cow.man ?
con.man ?
law.man ?

If as i first thought cowman why the 'dot'
Any ideas ?


Mary from Italy
15-08-09, 19:31
Con man? I hope not :)

Can you scan that part of the cert and post it here?

15-08-09, 19:42
Contract man?

15-08-09, 19:49
Con. could be short for something else

Little Nell
15-08-09, 21:25
I don't think there would be a dot unless there was an abbreviation. Impossible to say what it says without seeing it.

But if its a cert from 1911 you can double check on the census.

Peter Stenning
15-08-09, 22:58
The marriage cert is Feb 1911 but William Henry Miles cant be found on the 1911 census.

He is shown as living in Kirdford on the cert .
This is part of the puzzle as his wife is with her parents with thier son Reginald'Reganald' William Miles .

So i have two thoughts one his job takes him away , or his is mistranscribed somewhere.


Little Nell
15-08-09, 23:06
Where is Kirdford?

Peter Stenning
16-08-09, 07:31
Kirdford is in Sussex.

Most of my tree were either in Kirdford or the surrounding villages till the 1920's when they started to move further afield .

I will attempt to get the scanner working today and show the part of the cert. thats is causing me grief.


16-08-09, 08:54
I cannot find my husband's grandfather on the 1911 census although he was married in April 1911 in London and his wife-to-be is listed. He was in the Army and was probably abroad when the census was taken. Could this also apply to your William Henry?

Just a thought.

Peter Stenning
16-08-09, 12:39
Here is the scan as best i can do ;-


Elaine ..Spain
16-08-09, 12:46
I wonder if it is a hyphen rather than a full stop ... cow-man

Uncle John
16-08-09, 12:51
I go with Elaine - cow-man

Mary from Italy
16-08-09, 13:04
Thirded :)

Peter Stenning
16-08-09, 13:17
Thank you for that , it was my first thought , so a cowherder etc.

So where has he dissapeared to ? could he have taken cows to market that day .
What day was the census done back then and was that an important market day one wonders.
Sorry to ask so many question i am inquisitive.


Mary from Italy
16-08-09, 13:41
The 1911 census for England and Wales was taken on the night of Sunday 2 April, 1911. The count included all individual households, plus institutions such as prisons, workhouses, naval vessels and merchant vessels, and it also attempted to make an approximate count of the homeless.

About the 1911 census (http://www.1911census.co.uk/Content/default.aspx?r=24)

When the earlier censuses were taken, the householder normally had to list all the people who had slept in the house the previous night. In 1911, they had to list:

"every person, whether member of the family, visitor, boarder or servant, who:
(1) passed the night of Sunday April 2nd in this dwelling and was alive at midnight, or
(2) arrived in this dwelling on the morning of Monday, April 3rd, not having been enumerated elsewhere.
No-one else must be included."

Little Nell
16-08-09, 13:52

When I can't find people on the census it might be because they have been mistranscribed, but I have also instances where they just disappeared.

Maybe your chap was with his cows or staying elsewhere on census night and the person filling in the form assumed he was listed with his family?

I also have the opposite - same person enumerated twice!

Mary from Italy
16-08-09, 14:14
Can't see him among the military records on Ancestry.

Wherever he went, he evidently came back, because they had a second child in 1917.

16-08-09, 14:30
my great grandmother was a servant in 1911, with her working family, but her parents filled her in for there household too. i think if he was a cow herder or something similar he may have spent the night in the field?