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Chris in Sussex
15-08-09, 16:57

Does anyone have any idea what a margin note 'F L' means in a burial register?

I was only recording the burials for two surnames in the 18th century and it appears against 3 burials in the 1760s.

I wondered if it was something to do with being buried, or not, in wool but I thought that 'A' or 'Aff' was the usual (and required) annotation?

Many thanks for any help

15-08-09, 17:17
Could it be 'First Lair' or more likely 'Final Lair'?

This would indicate that it was the first or last lair in a multi-lair grave.


Chris in Sussex
15-08-09, 17:28

I must admit I have never heard of that!

Thank you

Christine in Herts
15-08-09, 18:18
Could it be anything to do with where the place is? Could it be an abbreviation for a nearby place from which the people came?


Chris in Sussex
15-08-09, 19:22

The parish is Hampstead Middlesex and I have just done a quick check on parloc for a 5 mile radius and there is nothing that would fit so I don't think it has anything to do with a nearby place. There is also no area of the village, that I know of, that would account for the initials.

Thank you for the suggestion though, I hadn't thought of that.

Uncle John
15-08-09, 20:23
Hugo's reference to Lairs is a Scottish term, still used today. So it wouldn't apply to a Middlesex burial.

Chris in Sussex
15-08-09, 22:02
Uncle John

Thank you for clarifying that.

I am beginning to wonder if it does have something to do with burial in linen....Fined for burial in Linen???....But no entries around it have a corresponding 'A' or 'Aff' to suggest they were still adhering to the Acts.

Maybe the incumbent gave up recording who was buried in wool as it would be taken as a given, but recorded burial in Linen as he had to account for the fine being paid.

I may never know!

Thanks again