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Lin Fisher
15-08-09, 14:50
This is only a twig on my tree but trying to find out about them

Spencer Baldry born 1870 Lincoln, son of William and Ann Baldry. They came to Nottingham and he married Agnes Ellen Kell in 1894 and had 2 children Spencer born 1894 and died in WW1 and Dorothy Agnes who was born and died 1899, Nottingham. Spencer was an Estate Agent and Accountant

Agnes died 1903 and he married Isabella Mary Lowrie and had 2 children Edward William 1908 and Cecilia 1910.

I know they were in Nottingham at the end of the war but have been looking on Ancestry and FMP and found Isabella and Cecilia going from Southampton to New York on 4 sep 1936 and back on 7 Oct 1936. Then Isabella on her own going to New York on 26 Nov 1938. Also her arriving in Liverpool from New York on 2 Jul 1942.

I am wondering if either Edward William or Cecilia went to live in America and was it ususal for people to travel during WW2 for pleasure. Also where was Spencer. I am not expecting anyone to search through the death indexes but wondering if anyone can look up any American records that would help me.

Sorry that took so long but trying to add all I know.

15-08-09, 16:57
hi lin

i got quiet excited there for a min as my cousin is married to a baldry so i thought i would trace his family and i got know where as it seem on the brith regs that his mum was not married when he was born

sorry but just thought i would share

Christine in Herts
15-08-09, 18:41
From what you've said, I guess you already have this (from CWGC) about Spencer, the son:

Son of Spencer Baldry, of 16, Devonshire Rd., West Bridgford, Nottingham, and of Isabella M. Baldry (stepmother).

This Spencer's service record is on Ancestry - but currently labelled a "Spincer" because they've taken the name, not from the heading info, but from the form-filling bit, further down. Family (NoK) given as Spencer (father), Isabell (mother), Edward (brother), all at Cross Keys Hotel, Fletcher Gate, Nottingham.


Christine in Herts
15-08-09, 18:48
On 24 Apr 1917, there's a memo requesting that any personal effects (of which there was none) should be sent to Isabell Mary Baldry - not the father?


Christine in Herts
15-08-09, 18:52
1903-1908, there was a Spencer Baldry in the phonebook for Nottingham - an accountant in Bridlesmith gate.


Christine in Herts
15-08-09, 18:55
There's at least one Private Member tree on Ancestry with the 1870 Spencer.


Mary from Italy
15-08-09, 18:55
It was Isabella's sister who went to live in the States. Do you have access to the New York passenger lists on Ancestry?

If you look at the passenger list for Isabella when she went out in 1938, go to the second page. In column 23 it asks who she's going to visit, and she says "sister Ann B Lourie, 46 Watching Ave, West Orange, NJ".

Isabella gives as her next of kin in the UK her son Edward W Baldry, 56A Greenhill Road, Birmingham.

Christine in Herts
15-08-09, 19:21
Without paying for the image, I haven't got full info, but the two Spencers (41 and 14), are in W Bridgford in 1911, along with Isabella Mary (36), Edward William (2) and Cecilia (6mo).


Mary from Italy
15-08-09, 19:23
Anne B Lourie appears to be with her sister Elizabeth (both unmarried) in West Orange, New Jersey, in 1930 - at least that's what the transcription says. The image is hard to read.

Mary from Italy
15-08-09, 20:56
I wonder if this is your Edward William Baldry? He died in Spain in 2000:

Powered by Google Docs (http://docs.google.com/gview?a=v&q=cache:OSMEnDNc2tgJ:www.bsla.org.uk/downloads/BSLABulletinMarch2006.pdf+%22edward+william+baldry %22&hl=en)

15-08-09, 21:18
Baldry is quite a common name here in Suffolk.

Mary from Italy
15-08-09, 21:27
Ah, right, probably not the same person, then.

Lin Fisher
15-08-09, 22:07
Thank you for all your help.

I have read the military records on ancestry but it didn't register that only his step mum Isabella was the only one mentioned in the document. I haven't found a death for Spencer his father.

Isabella's maiden name is down at Lawrie on Freebmd.

I haven't got access to outgoing records on Ancestry so thanks for that and where her sisters are living. At least I know why she was going there.

The cross keys (a pub I frequented most weeks as a teenager) literally backs on to Bridlesmith Gate, so not far for him to go to work.

AS you say Stella there are loads of Baldrys in Suffolk and that is where this family started off from.

Mary I will have a look at the will in Spain and investigate the son being in Birmingham.

I think they were quite a wealthy family compared to most of my lot so it is just a bit of interest to chase them.

Thanks for all the help and sorry not to answer sooner but have been out.

Lin Fisher
15-08-09, 22:13

I forgot to say that I have the transcript of 1911 and what you have is right and they had been married 5 years.

I will now trawl the death registers as I know they must have died in England and you have all narrowed the dates down for me. Might help me if I can get to Nottingham ARchives and look at the electoral records first.

Mary from Italy
15-08-09, 22:14
It might be worth checking the National Probate Calendar to see if Edward's English will went to probate. I believe they have it at Notts Archives, but I'm not sure if it goes up to 2000.

Christine in Herts
15-08-09, 22:18

Isabella's maiden name is down at Lawrie on Freebmd.


Presumably that's what LOURIE is supposed to be? (see post #7)


Mary from Italy
15-08-09, 22:20
I think this is probably Edward's marriage:

Edward W Baldry Truman Jul-Aug-Sep 1936 Nottingham Nottinghamshire
Daphne M B Truman Baldry Jul-Aug-Sep 1936 Nottingham Nottinghamshire

Births Jun 1905
Truman Daphne Marian B Nottingham 7b 299

Mary from Italy
15-08-09, 22:27
By the way, Isabella's a widow in 1938.

Lin Fisher
15-08-09, 22:33
Thanks again.

I know that Nottm archives probate don't go up that late. I think it is only 1960's. But I can't see a death for him on ancestry so could be him in Spain.

I have just found that marriage but can find any children in Nottingham or Birmingham but another thing to find at the archives.

Just going to look for the death of Spencer now.

Has anyone come across anything for Cecilia at all.

I have come up with a total blank.

Back soon

Mary from Italy
15-08-09, 22:37
There is a marriage for a Cecilia Baldry, but it's in Devon.

Lin Fisher
15-08-09, 22:45
Mary, I will have a look at the marriage and see if any childrens name ring a bell.

Just found the death of Spencer. Started in 1938 and found him Sep 1936 aged 65 Nottingham

Thanks again

Lin Fisher
15-08-09, 22:51
That marriage would make her 40 but no reason why it can't be her but can't find any children.

Mary from Italy
15-08-09, 22:52
There are no children listed on Ancestry with surname Baldry and mother's maiden name Truman.

Mary from Italy
15-08-09, 22:56
Just found the death of Spencer. Started in 1938 and found him Sep 1936 aged 65 Nottingham

Ooh, well done.

So that means that Edward got married in the 3rd quarter of 1936, Spencer died in the same quarter, and Isabella and Cecilia went to visit her sister in the States almost immediately (4th September) - or maybe he died while they were away.

Lin Fisher
16-08-09, 09:26
Oh Mary

I hadn't got that far as to put it all into context.

Makes me want to buy all the certs but they are really only a little twig in my tree.

My 4 x G Grandmother had a brother called Spencer Baldry and I liked the name, then her brother William had a son Spencer who came to live in Nottingham where I was bought up so it got my interest. Then I got a transcript of 1911 and set me off again.

I will have a look at the archives or library to look at the obits for Spencers death as he was an accountant in Nottingham. Also look at the electoral records for Cecilia and Isabella.

Thanks again for your help.

Lin Fisher
16-08-09, 09:46
Just found Isabella M Baldrys death. Sep 1948 Nottingham aged 74. Only had to start from Sep 1942 so not too bad!!

Now for Cecilia.

Lin Fisher
22-08-09, 11:17
Just thought I would update this thread for anyone that helped me and also anyone that read it.

Found Spencers will and he died 15 Sep 1936 at Elleslie House Gregory Boulevard Nottingham. Isabella was on her way to N Y on the 4th Sep. Could not find Edwards marriage at his local churches so not sure where he married.

Also Spencer left £3704 8s 6d when he died and Isabella left £10590 18s.

Pity they aren't my direct line. It looked like Isabella sold the house in WB and was living in a flat when she died.

Cecilia was living with her in 1939 but could find them in 1945, the next E Reg.

Also found a family grave with Spencers first wife in. She was buried with her stillborn baby in the coffin, also in the plot was Dorothy Agnes their 3 week old baby who died in 1899. With Spencer dying in WW1 its quite sad.

Found quite a bit about Spencers nephew William Caparne Baldry and when I got home and googled I came across Harold Caparne Baldry and found him living in Leicester and the same address his mother had died according to the burial record (same plot as above).

Now going to look at 1911 census and find out more. Might be needing some more help soon!!

Thanks for listening

22-08-09, 11:26
yes i am still interested you never know it might still connect with my cousin husband
goin to subcribe to the tread so i dont lose it

Lin Fisher
22-08-09, 11:34

The Baldry's I have are in Suffolk, Lincoln and Nottingham.

My 3 x G Grandmothe Julia Baldry came to Nottingham from Lincoln and Later her brother William came and that is who I am following at the moment.

All the Baldrys seem to have money exept my line!! What a surprise.

If you want to PM me with any details I will see what I have on my tree

22-08-09, 12:21
hi lin

i have email you the details but there is not much so may not be to do anything

Lin Fisher
22-08-09, 12:59

I haven't received anything from you.

22-08-09, 13:42
well i thought i had send you some thing but i have now honest