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15-08-09, 10:50
I am new to this site, but it's great, you all have been very helpful.

Can someone now answer me this - does anyone know how I can access the Flint Parish Records? None of the usual sites seem to have much for Flint. I understand that they won't release the records for publication, so is it purely a matter of going to Flint? (Difficult as I live in the S.E of England.) Or are they going to release the records anytime soon? I'm stuck at 1802!
Best Wishes

Elaine ..Spain
15-08-09, 11:32
Have you tried the Clwyd Family History Society - they appear to have done some transcriptions for Flint - not sure if it is what you are looking for.
Clwyd FHS (http://www.clwydfhs.org.uk/) - click on Register Transcriptions

Jeanie with one n.
15-08-09, 16:30
The Flint records are held at the Hawarden record office. Some of the towns are in transcribed volumes. If you phone up with a simple query such as, can you find the birth of Indianna Ratcliffe in Halkyn about 1830?, they will look for you.
They won't search the fiche but will the volumes.

Little Nell
15-08-09, 23:12
You might be able to order microfilm of the registers (if available) at your nearest LDS family history centre.

17-08-09, 08:59
My thanks to all for your responses.

I have just printed the application form for the society so will be joining shortly and will be looking into contacting Harwarden.

You lot are all great!


Yvonne (yha)