View Full Version : Do you have Michigan deaths to trace?

Christine in Herts
14-08-09, 16:49
Then have a look here:
Advanced: Seek — Seeking Michigan (http://haldigitalcollections.cdmhost.com/seeking_michigan/seek_advanced.php)

Name-searches bring up (free) images of death certs! I haven't sussed out the date-range, yet.


PS... I think it might be this collection: Michigan Death Records, 1897-1920

Canadian Cousin
14-08-09, 18:26
Thanks for that Christine - I just found the death cert for my 2xg-grandfather's half brother, who died in 1899 after falling 1000 feet down down a mine shaft. I already had a transcript of the newpaper death notice, but the death cert image is a welcome addition.

BTW, if anyone is having difficulty seeing the entire image at full resolution, click on the link that says 'Printable Version'. If you don't want to print it immediately, cancel the Printer pop-up window, then right-click the image and choose the 'Save Picture As ...' option.


Christine in Herts
14-08-09, 18:49
Really glad that that link has already proved useful to someone!

I've just added it to the Wiki.


Crafty Sue
14-08-09, 19:23
Thankyou for the link Christine, very useful. I've found some of my husbands distant cousins.