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Little Nell
14-08-09, 15:54
1871 RG10; Piece: 1829; Folio: 58; Page: 25

found this chap, mistranscribed as Pashme Wyant. Checked on Freebmd and found birth reg Mar 1871 and death reg Jun 1871 as Pashur Wyand.

No idea where this came from, no other exotic names in the family. Any ideas?

Mary from Italy
14-08-09, 16:08
I hadn't heard it before, but Google is your friend :)

Pashur or Pashhur was the name of at least two priests contemporary with the prophet Jeremiah

Pashur - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pashur)

Little Nell
14-08-09, 17:29
Thanks Mary. I wonder why they chose that name, when their other children were called Alfred and Henry?!