View Full Version : Remember my Coffee Shop Keeper ??? no wonder couldnt find her

Val wish Id never started
14-08-09, 14:38
I have been looking on and off for a Elizabeth Mason with her Father John a Coffee Shop Keeper , just found out why I couldn't find them, seems their surname was Badcock ??? dont suppose she wanted to get married under that name ? cant say I blame her .

Durham Lady
14-08-09, 14:55
:D Val my g g granny's surname was Cocks at baptism, same as all her siblings and her father at his marriage. When g g granny married she was Cox.

Not much better really :D

Val wish Id never started
14-08-09, 15:02
Daphne at one time I thought I must be doing it all wrong as I couldnt find her or any family for her.
your poor GG mother lol

Jill on the A272
14-08-09, 15:32
My tree is stuffed full of Badcocks! Have a look in the FTF gedcom Val and see if we can match:)

Janet in Yorkshire
14-08-09, 18:57
I have a line of Cockshuts :mad:


Val wish Id never started
14-08-09, 20:14
oh dear Janet pmsl

had a look Jill and dont think we are related

Loopy Linda in La La Land
14-08-09, 20:30
My GGGrandad was a Pigg but after that they were all Peggs

Linda ;)

Wor canny Lass
15-08-09, 09:34
A friend of mine claims that his wife was a Payne until he married her.