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14-08-09, 11:36
George Smith b1851 Thurmaston, occ: blacksmith (he married in 1874)

I have him in 1881 living with Ellen and children at Thurmaston.

Can anyone please locate him between 1851, 1861 and 1871 ??

14-08-09, 12:00
I think this may be him in 1851. All the best

George Smith born in about 1851 ,Thurmaston, Leics.
He is living in the parish of Thurmaston. Also in the household are
Hannah Smith (63), Ann Smith (38), Sarah Smith (26), Phoebe Smith (14), Mary Ann Smith (6) and GEorge Smith one month and listed as grandson.

HO107; Piece: 2087; Folio: 674; Page: 29; GSU roll: 87714-87715.

14-08-09, 12:09
Hannah is listed as (seamer or sewer) pauper, Ann as her daughter farmworker and knitter, the same for Sarah, Phoebe (seamer or sewer) grandaughter, Mary (seamer or sewer) and George both grandchildren.

14-08-09, 12:11
Thanks Ayse ... that looks promising - any clues as to who his mother / parents are?

14-08-09, 12:16
There is another George Smith 3 months as follows in the 1851;
George Smith born Thurmaston, Leicestershire, living in the parish of South Thurmaston.
Also living there are Thomas Smith 28. Ann Smith 25, Thomas Rudkin 8, Elizabeth Smith 5, William Smith 4, John Smith 2 and George Smith 3 months

All born Thurmaston. Thomas is a blacksmith, wife a framework knitter. Thomas Rudkin is also son - all the other children are noted as children of the parents.

This makes it difficult. You may need to buy the wedding cert for George and Ellen.

HO107 Piece, 2087; folio, 671; All the best

14-08-09, 12:22
wow Ayse .. what a find!

This looks more likely than the George with his grandmother ... think you are right marriage cert might be best way to find out who his father was

Thanks again for your help :)

Any sign of them in 1861?

14-08-09, 12:24
1871 England Census
George Smith born c 1851 Thurmaston, Leicestershire
living in parish of Cheetham, Manchester, Lancs.

Fanny Crossley 40
Charles Crossley 11
Sarah Motcliffe 24
John Hagne 19
Mary Crossley 70
John Smith 22
George Smith 20 - lodger

RG10; Piece: 4063; Folio: 118; Page: 27; GSU roll: 846346.

I suspect this could be your John with brother as both are born in Thurmaston. They are both blacksmiths. I also bears out the 2nd 1851 census details, with parents of Thomas and Ann.

I'd do a bit more but I'm off for the weekend to Amsterdam.

Have a good weekend yourself


Mary from Italy
14-08-09, 12:27
Marriages Jun 1845
Rudkin Ann Barrow on Soar 15 45
Smith Thomas Barrow on Soar 15 45

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Thanks again Ayse ... you help is very much appreciated and have a realllllllllllly gooooood weekend in Amsterdam.

Thanks Mary ... that ties the Rudkin connection up very nicely too


Mary from Italy
14-08-09, 12:52
If you come across a Helen/Ellen Rudkin born in Newtown Linford c. 1855, she's one of mine :)

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Hi Mary ... hope all is well with you and yours

....these aren't my rellies .. helping a friend and we hit a patch when we both lost the plot !!! ... lol

but thanks to wonderful help from Ayse and yourself I'm hoping we can now make some more progress

Mary from Italy
14-08-09, 13:18
Yes, fine, thanks. I shall be in Leicester in the 2nd week of September - are you likely to be around?